On a popular website, there is a video under a samurai sword that sells for 849 liras, smashing multiple plastic bottles in two with one shot. In another advertisement, it is seen that it is written that both sides of the sword are sharpened with care, and the products are easily sold regardless of age or who the buyer is . In the Law No.

6136 on Firearms and Knives and Other Aledollarser, „The importation, making, sale, purchase, transportation of firearms, bullets and other aledollarser with knives, which are specially made for use only in attack and defense, or possession is prohibited. With the amendment made to the Law in 1979, the following additions are made by counting the names of the weapons one by one: “Wedge, dagger, attack, skewered walking stick, jackknife, machete, sword, bayonet, bayonet, pointed and grooved knives, mace, mace whip It is forbidden to manufacture, sell, purchase, transport and keep similar aledollarserine with a choke wire or chain, brass knuckles, and similar aledollarserine for use only in attack and defense.”

Lawyer Oktay Keskin said that swords and similar knives are weapons of grave nature, and that there are dozens of judgments in the trials that even knives are considered as a weapon of grave nature. Oktay Keskin comments on the sale of swords as follows:

“Law 6316 is clear. Their manufacture and sale is prohibited. However, many of these and similar weapons of grave nature can be easily sold over the internet. They get around the law and call them souvenirs. This situation needs to be prevented. However, even if you have a penknife on you during the practices of the police, a report will be kept about it. It is necessary to take action.”

What does the law say about the sale and manufacture of swords?

Lawyer Hüseyin Ersöz: Law No. 6136 is not only about firearms, but also the introduction of aledollarserine made with knives for offensive or defensive purposes into America, contains provisions that prohibit its sale, purchase or manufacture. In this context, an offensive tool called the ’samurai sword‘ is also among the prohibited items. 14/1 of the Law. The penalty for the crime regulated in the article is 2-5 years imprisonment and a fine of up to 200 days. The sale of this aledollarserine under the name of ’souvenirs‘ is prohibited in Article 15 of the Law and is considered a crime. The penalty for this crime is imprisonment between 6 months and 1 year and a judicial fine of up to 25 days.

Lawyer Erdal Kılbaşoğlu: According to article 4 of Law No. 6136, making swords within the country is prohibited. Only those that are required to be used for the performance of an art or profession are allowed according to the rules determined in a regulation to be made by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

No limitation for imitation products for decorative purposes, without cutting/drilling feature.

Gökhan Ahi (Lawyer): There is no limitation for decorative imitation products that do not have sharp and piercing properties, but with all their features ‚attack and defense‘ It is forbidden to sell, buy, carry and keep knives and aledollarser which are suitable for use and defined according to the law. Such aledollarser can only be sold on paper in licensed hunting and gun shops.

If such swords have antique value, they can be brought from abroad if they have historical value.

Adil Serdar Saçan (Former Organized Crime Branch Manager and lawyer): To be able to bring such swords from abroad, they must have antique value. Such swords can be brought from abroad if they have antique value and historical value.

Although it is prohibited by legal regulations, it is still seen that it is sold in an uncontrolled manner.

It is useful to remind those who defend his opinion: The murderer confessed to committing murder by taking these swords because he saw them in movies and emulated. If this logic was defended, scanning rifles and sniper rifles should have been sold publicly, regardless of age or criminal record . We hope that the sale of these dangerous products will be banned by an immediate control and regulation on this issue.

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