One of America’s most established companies in the textile industry, LC Waikiki, brought back the monkey figure that he identified with the brand years ago. All customers who make school-related shopping using the company’s online store, on the coverLC Waikiki’s iconic monkey was found with a notebook gift.

LC Waikiki’s monkey figure, was very popular in the 90’s. In fact, many cuts have put together the stickers with the poşedollarser featuring the monkey of LC Waikiki. wealth icon. However, LC Waikiki, which has changed its working logic over the years and started to serve not only children but also adults, has buried the monkey figure into history with this change. That figure has now reappeared on a notebook cover.

LC Waikiki’s monkey figure notebook looks like this;

For customers who do their school shopping via LC Waikiki’s website as gift There was also a note in the sent book. The company noted in this note; ” A little gift from us to you. We wish you a new academic year in which you collect good memories with your teachers and friends and shine like a star in your lessons. We are always with you, to many healthy and successful days. . .“.

LC Waikiki E-Commerce General Manager, who made statements about the company’s notebook gift Omar Barbaros Yish wished all students good health and success. Omer Barbaros Yish, ” To our parents who do their school shopping from our LC Waikiki online site we wanted to make a little surprise. We presented our notebook with our nostalgic monkey on the cover, wishing it to bring health and success to our most precious little ones. The daughter of one of our team members shared her joy by saying that LC Waikiki sent me a gift because I am just starting school. made us very mudollarsu. May all the beauties always be with them.” he said.

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