Epic Games vs. The Apple lawsuit dramatically affects the gaming industry as the issue of what constitutes a monopoly comes to the fore. Now, Valve has been sued for Steam.

Epic Games vs. The epicenter of the Apple case is antitrust violations. Antitrust laws are in place to protect consumers from corporations that have a monopoly on their markets and to protect against destructive financial practices. Court hearings are of interest to the entire gaming community, and now Valve is the latest company to get into bigger discussions about its placement within the game “hierarchy”.

Ars Technica

As reported by , “Valve, is abusing market power to make sure that game publishers have no choice but to sell most of their games through the Steam Store, where they are subject to Valve’s 30 percent fee, ”he said.

The team states that Valve controls 75 percent of the PC gaming market; This is an important point where Epic Games faced sales cuts in their showcase to enable Valve to do the same. box recently dropped its percentage to match that of Epic Games, which put more pressure on Valve to be more developer-friendly in terms of cuts from sales through its showcase.

What will happen next is anticipated, but it seems that the effects of the Apple case against Epic Games on the industry will continue for a long time.

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