A recent hardware survey has been published by Valve and this month it seems that AMD processors are starting to revive. However, the results clearly reveal the chip shortage. The usage rate has increased by over 0.10% on only five graphics cards. However, the biggest increase belongs to the GTX 1660 and we see an increase of 0.35%.

On the CPU front, AMD continues to erode Intel’s lead and has increased its share. The red team came as a surprise when it dropped to its lowest point of the year (27.31%) in August, but recovered a month later and passed the 30% milestone. In September, the usage rate is 0%. 69 percent, and AMD’s share jumped to a high of 30.84%. As a matter of fact, when the results of this survey were published, Intel 12th generation processors were not yet on the market and there may be serious changes in the rates in the coming months.

On the graphics card side, the number of users in all of the first plus cards decreased, even the highest rising model of the month, the GTX 1660, is only 0%. It saw an increase of 35. In August, the RTX 2060’s user count is 1%. increased by 35. Additionally, only seven cards yielded 0.10% or more wins.

The very inactivity of the GPU section may reflect general stock issues and increased graphics card prices. Because in a recent report, it was revealed that the prices of the Ampere RTX 30 and RDNA 2 RX 6000 series have increased tremendously. In fact, AMD’s graphics card has reached the highest average selling price ever.

Additionally, the number of Linux users is %1. It’s up to 13, and around 40% of these systems are powered by AMD chips. The Windows 11 operating system is at 1%. It was included in the table with a share of 82.

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Michael Lewis


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