Pedro Bernarelli and Prof. Gary Bernstein largest comet to date announced that they found it. To this comet, which is exactly a thousand times larger than the usual comets, ” Comet Bernarelli-Bernstein” was given the name.

Comet Bernarelli-Bernstein, between 100 and 200 kilometers has a length. Also, this gigantic comet is not part of the Solar System. The star, scientifically named C/2014 UN271 Moving towards the sun. Scientists have determined that this comet will be closest to the Sun in 2031. This too in the coming years means we’ll know more about Comet Bernarelli-Bernstein.

The discovery of the comet, the result of 6 years of work

With his graduate student named Pedro Bernarelli, Prof. Gary Bernstein, C/2014 to discover UN271 they worked for 6 years. The studies and data examined to date have shown that this comet for millions of years Revealed that it was moving towards the Sun.

Experts are overjoyed by the discovery of the Bernarelli-Bernstein Comet. excited. Because, as we mentioned at the beginning of our content, this comet’s subwoofer is 1,000 times larger than its counterparts. This is about comets with studies to be done. where brand new information can be accessed

It stands for . It looks like we’ll be talking a lot more about C/2014 UN271 in the coming years. . .

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