Desktops are stable and generally get the most dust. But since laptops can be taken anywhere, they are much faster at getting dirty. without opening it laptop cleaning

With processes, you can clean the dirt on your computer and protect your own health and extend the life of the device. Even if it seems easy cleaning laptop without opening it transactions have important points to be considered.

Alright, How to clean laptop without opening it? First of all, the most important point you should pay attention to is to disconnect the device from electricity and remove the battery if it comes out. Because during the laptop cleaning process, the device may become damp and its contact with electricity may cause irreparable damage to the device. without opening it laptop cleaning process consists of some basic steps.

Laptop cleaning methods:

  • Method #1:Cleaning the laptop screen
  • Method #2:Laptop keyboard cleaning
  • Method #3:Laptop exterior cleaning

Method #1: Laptop screen cleaning:

  • Step #1: Remove dust from laptop screen without pressing with a microfiber cloth.
  • Step #2:Wet a clean sponge and wring it out until it is slightly damp.
  • Step #3: Remove the stains on the screen by pressing lightly with a damp sponge.
    • You can support the screen from behind with one hand.
  • Step #4: After removing the stains with a sponge, dry it with a microfiber cloth.
  • Step #5:Use the cloth with a circular movementollarser to eliminate any possible cleaning lines on the screen.
  • Step #6:If the stains on the screen do not come off, you can use the special cleaning kidollar series produced for the purpose of cleaning the laptop screen.
  • Step #7:Operation done.

Laptop screen cleaning is a process that seems simple, but in fact, you need to be extremely careful. First of all, never forget; to the screen different chemicals such as cologne, ammonia do not touch it. If some dirt is difficult to remove, you can drip a little soap into the water in which you wet the sponge.

It is also extremely important that almost all of the water held by the sponge is squeezed out. If the sponge is wet rather than slightly damp, the water will damage the laptop. Mistake if the water flows and comes to the interior equipment may even become unusable. Therefore, you must be extremely careful. If the stains do not come out in any way, you can choose a more professional cleaning method by purchasing one of the kidollarser, which is specially produced for laptop cleaning.

Method #2: Laptop keyboard cleaning:

  • Step #1:Open the laptop cover, turn it upside down and shake it so that the parts on the keyboard fall off.
    • Users who like to eat in front of a laptop will have many crumbs on their keyboards.
  • Step #2:Clean other parts on the keyboard with a minimum power vacuum cleaner.
  • Step #3: Erase the stains on the keys with a stationery eraser.
    • If the keys can come out, you can perform some steps by removing the keys.
  • Step #4:Clean narrow areas between keys with a dry cotton swab.
    • If there are stains that do not come off, you can drop some alcohol on the cotton swab.
  • Step #5:Wipe the entire keyboard with a lightly dampened microfiber cloth.
  • Step #6:Operation done.

You should also be extremely careful during the laptop keyboard cleaning process. on the keyboard like food crumbs, hair hair, dusta lot of dirt may have accumulated. If you do not handle them carefully, they may get inside the device and affect your keyboard usage.

The keys on some laptop keyboards can come off. You can do a more detailed cleaning by removing these keys, but if you do not have experience in inserting and removing the keys, this is the case. without risk should complete the cleaning process. It is extremely important that the vacuum cleaner you use works at minimum power in order not to damage the keyboard.

Method #3: Laptop exterior cleaning:

  • Step #1:Make a solution of water, some soap or some alcohol.
  • Step #2: Dip a clean sponge into this solution and wring out the sponge until it remains slightly damp.
  • Step #3: With this sponge, wipe the outer surface of the laptop without pressing it.
  • Step #4:Use a cotton swab with alcohol dripping for indentations and protrusions at different points on the laptop.
  • Step #5: You can gently scrape the stains that do not come off with a toothpick.
  • Step #6:Clean the USB port, SD card slot, HDMI port, charging port with an air compressor.
    • If you do not have an air compressor, you can use a vacuum cleaner for this process.
  • Step #7: You can gently scrape the sticky spots on the laptop with cotton dipped in alcohol.
  • Step #8: Finally, wipe the entire outer surface of the laptop with a dry microfiber cloth with circular motions.
  • Step #9:Operation done.

Laptop outer surface is the most polluted area in general and constitutes the most important step of laptop cleaning process. The outer surface can sometimes be so dirty that it disturbs all users. Therefore, unlike the screen and keyboard, more frequently you can clean.

You can use different chemicals like alcohol and soap but still to use as little as possiblework. You should be extremely careful when cleaning the ports of the device. Situations such as dripping water, forcing with a toothpick will damage the connection points and render them unusable.

For you laptop cleaning processes without opening the inside we explained step by step and explained the points you need to pay attention to. Laptop cleaning will both protect your health and prolong the life of the laptop. You can get a clean laptop by following the above steps carefully.

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