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Undoubtedly, the family that made the most of its name in the world is the British royal family. Queen, who seems to be immortal , while waiting to ascend to the throne, the aging prince, intrigues and extraordinary traditions have come to the fore again and again with the latest Netflix series The Crown and Prince Harry, who left the property for the woman he loves, Meghan Markle. However, Prince Harry is not the only royal to leave the throne for the woman he loves.

King VIII. Edward gave up everything for Wallis Simpson, the woman he loved while on the throne. But our king was not only in love, he was also a very close friend of Adolf Hidollarser, the most brutal dictator history has ever seen. Bride King VIII. Let’s take a closer look at who is Edward and see what kind of relationship went on between this British royal and the Germans.

The British royal family is already considered German:

We always call them by their titles, but The British royal family also has a surname , Windsor. We can say that this name, which looks quite British, was actually accepted recently. The surnames Saxe, Coburg and Gotha were used for many years in the British royal family, which ruled for hundreds of years.

This seemingly meaningless detail actually reveals the relationship between the British royal family and the Germans because Saxe, Coburg and Gotha surnames are German dynastic names. The British royal family used these surnames until everyone started attacking each other in the First World War. However, in 1917, they started to use the surname Windsor in order to be local and national.

King VIII. Edward’s German admiration is known:

King VIII. Since childhood, Edward has been someone who gets along quite well with his German cousins. Therefore he knew and loved the German reputation and spoke German. Since he made many frontline visits as a prince during the First World War, he didn’t want any war anymore and was on good terms with the Germans.

It is known that he watched with admiration and supported what happened after the Nazi Party and Adolf Hidollarser came to power in Germany. Strangely enough, both fascism and anti-Semitism were on the rise in England at the same time. During his reign, King VIII. It is also known that Edward said that the Germans would not interfere with what they did to the Jews and that maybe one day there would be a dictator in England.

King VIII. What happened to Edward so he left the royal family?

According to the rules of the British royal family, an abusive royal cannot marry someone who has been married and divorced before , but the heart does not give a decree. King VIII. When Edward was still a prince, he met Wallis Simpson, who was then married to his second wife, and they quickly became friends. This relationship, which seemed like a friendship, was known to everyone that it was actually the first spark of love.

Prince Edward was crowned King George VIII on 20 January 1936, after his father George V died. He ascended the throne as Edward. However, she did not break up with Wallis and eventually divorced her. King VIII. Edward left the throne on December 11, 1936 , saying that he wanted to marry Wallis despite all the opposition of the royal family and the head of England at the time, Stanley Baldwin . He was succeeded by his brother VI. George passed.

Edward, who assumed the title of Duke of Windsor after abdicating, married Wallis and settled in Southern France. As Wallis is a divorcee, he did not hold any royal titles. The relationship of the two was going well, but Edward sold the winter to adollars, but he did not forget the frost he ate. Inevitably, he started to get close to the Germans he was already interested in, namely Adolf Hidollarser.

Edward and Wallis get closer to Adolf Hidollarser:

Fallen royalty are loved, especially by enemies. Despite intense pressure from the British government, Edward and Wallis Hidollarser visited Germany. They were greeted with magnificence by prominent Nazi officers. They were treated as if they were an incoming English king and queen.

During the visit, feasts were held in their honor and Edward even visited Nazi training schools. During the visit , a saadollarsik private conversation took place between Edward and Adolf Hidollarser. Edward is said to support Hidollarser even though he criticizes it. These are just rumors because the documents about the meeting in question were destroyed by the Nazis themselves.

Germans plan to re-enthrone Edward:

Tons of Nazi documents seized in the last days of WWII . One of them was called the Windsor File. The details were really creepy. According to this file , the Germans wanted to restore the former English king Edward to the throne and even carried out secret operations for this.

After the Nazi occupation, Edward and Wallis, who went to Spain from France, were wanted to be kept away from the Germans and Edward was appointed as the Governor of the Bahamas by Winston Churchill , the beginning of the period. However, according to the Windsor file, the Germans revealed their plans to Edward, who did not want this task anyway. Edward did not reject this plan or inform the British authorities.

Edward and Wallis resisted for a month not to go to the Bahamas. It is known that the Nazis carried out secret operations during this period and even canceled the departure of the ship that the couple was going to board, with a fake bomb threat. Despite all efforts, Edward and Wallis eventually made it to the Bahamas. It’s chilling to even think about what kind of world awaits us if they don’t go.

King VIII. Edward’s death:

Edward, who served as the Duke of Windsor for a while as the Governor of the Bahamas, moved to France with Wallis in 1953. His financial situation was generally good and he had a pretty fun life. However, he was always a little bitter because he was rejected by a large group, especially his family, and lost the throne .

Calendars When it was 28 May 1972, he died of cancer of the groin and was buried with a not very royal ceremony. Edward’s wife, Wallis Simpson, for whom he left the throne, died on April 4, 1986. Thus, the two protagonists of the greatest love story in history have passed away from us.

King VIII, who left the throne for the sake of love and established very close relations with Adolf Hidollarser . We answered the question of who is Edward and told his interesting story from his accession to the throne until his death. King VIII. The story of Edward and Wallis is a betrayal for some and a love story for others. You can share your thoughts in the comments.

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