known as South Korea-based pop star K-Pop is the main target of discussions in our country as well as all over the world. So we either see that he is over-loved or that you are hated. Whatever we think about it, it is an indisputable issue that this reputation, which has a huge kidollar voice, has a great guiding effect especially for young people.

The last example of this in our country, With 3 little girls who ran away from home to go to South Korea we have seen. At the end of the day, even if we do not say good or bad, it should be kept in mind that such events can end badly. Family and Social Service to avoid these bad results, Follows K-Pop closely.

Social media is followed at all times:

family, to control the situation snapshot social media monitoring runs several programs such as privacy training and informing with mobile teams. Content deemed harmful in this context, will be removed before reaching the big kidollarse. In order for this to happen, Ilik will meet with social media platforms that have representation in our country.

On the other hand, saying that young people are more easily influenced by the music and music of other countries due to the internet, these children’s awareness of their own private space and virtual world protecting privacy to improve their skills privacy trainings also gives.

Except this ‘ mobile information

Also referring to , in order to protect children living in disadvantaged areas, Detection with 637 mobile teams in 81 provinces, protection and prevention carries out focused studies. According to the information, it has been evaluated as risky in this regard so far. to 125 thousand children has been reached. In addition, awareness raising activities about popular movements were also initiated.

Finally, among the fan groups in different countries, such big kidollarse creates a strong dollar bond and that it allowed the group in question to easily connect to their feelings/thoughts. It should not be forgotten that although music does not harm anyone, events such as running away from home can have serious consequences.

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