What kind of person comes to mind when lifeguard is mentioned? At a point high above the ground; Would we be wrong to say that he is a person with a hat on his head, glasses in his eyes, a whistle on his neck and paying attention to those who swim in the sea? We would like to add a few new and unusual features of lifeguards to your mind! Namely soft feathers of some lifeguards, a non-stop wagging tail and very tadollar paws can happen too!

Can dogs act as lifeguards?

The fact that dogs work as lifeguards is not new and therefore not surprising. Our feathered dosdollars have been training for this job for many years and successfully fulfill the assigned tasks.. With the training of strong olfactory abilities, we think that the fact that we hear less of lifeguard dogs compared to dogs that take part in various types of land surveys and search and rescue efforts raises some questions about their existence in this profession. It’s time to say goodbye to the series of question marks! Yes, dogs can be lifesavers!

How can dogs be lifeguards?

Lifeguard dogs, touching human lives by working in partnership with people who train themselves in lifeguarding. The main reason why dogs work with trainees rather than save lives alone is because of course they remain loyal to their trainer when it comes to receiving and following commands. In this way, in case of any danger in the water, commandolarsars that are taken and applied quickly can become life-saving moves.

On the other hand, it is known that lifeguard dogs can use their sense of smell effectively when necessary.. It is possible to say that lifeguard dogs worked with human teams in finding missing persons, belongings and even dead bodies, and they played an important role in illuminating many cases thanks to their noses.

Can every dog ​​be a lifeguard?

Although almost every dog ​​has the right to participate in the training, unfortunately not every dog ​​can be a lifeguard.. There are some criteria that a dog must have in order to be a lifeguard:

  1. The dog to be a lifeguard must be a dog that can reach at least 30 kilos.
  2. It is expected to be a dog that does not have a problem with water and likes to swim and swim naturally.
  3. Not easily caught in feelings such as stress or panic; Human-friendly and easy-to-train dogs are preferred.

Which dogs meet the lifeguard criteria?

Dogs that comply with the three basic criteria we mentioned above and are frequently preferred for lifeguarding today. Labrador, Golden Retriever and Newfoundland is known to be a descendant.

What kind of training do dogs go through to be lifeguards?

The training of lifeguard dogs starts in puppies and lasts until 2-3 years old.. As we mentioned earlier, since lifeguarding is a job for dogs in partnership with humans, the training from start to finish is between the person who will give the command and the dog who will take it.” couple proceeds with the logic of ”. During the training, the most; b to understand whether a person is drowning or not, with what maneuvers and how to approach a drowning person, how to choose the appropriate spot to be named while flying from a boat or helicopter and how to find the safest roads/water currents focuses on topics such as.

Lifeguard dogs continue to save lives this year as every year!

Our furry dosdollars, who have been working in the lifeguard profession for many years, did not pass this year either. Recently Saving the lives of 14 people, eight of them aged 6-12, on the Italian coast of Sperlonga, was none other than lifeguard dogs!

Acting upon the family’s call for help Eros, Mira and Mya

These three feathered heroes, named , are 330 feet away from the shore; Due to strong wind and waves, inflatable boats, armbands, etc. He came to the rescue of the group, which had difficulty in staying on the water surface despite the equipment. Three Labradors managed to end all danger in about 15 minutes.

Italian Lifeguard Dog School ( Scuola Italiana Cani Salvataggio: SICS) who served at the head of the south center Roberto Gasbarri stated that the lifeguard trio were trained by this school and that they continue their work within this school. Lifeguard dogs in Italy for 30 years is active and for Italian beaches great importance

Gasbarri, who said that he was carrying With the support of dogs to humans, protection mechanisms develop. also underlined.

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