Jason Momoa, who impressed with productions such as Game of Thrones and Aquaman, will be released on Netflix on August 20 with the movie Sweet Girl. in a very different role than we are used to until now. appears.

In this movie, in which she shared the lead roles with the young actress Isabela Moner, Momoa, wife who lost from cancer due to the greed of pharmaceutical companies and gives life to the character of Cooper, who seeks revenge with his daughter. As Webtekno, we had the chance to watch the preview of the movie Sweet Girl and had a great interview with the star of the movie, Jason Momoa. In this highly entertaining interview, where Momoa answers questions about her character in the movie, there are lots of spoilers let me specify in advance.

“It’s not my acting that matters, it’s what kind of person I am when there are no cameras around”

  • Question: Before, you always appeared on the screen with a tough character ready to fight at any moment. In addition to being a tough character in Sweet Girl, Cooper was also quite emotional. How did this change affect your acting?

Jason’s answer: I’ve never had the opportunity to play a role like this before, and I’ve never seen anything so sad in real life. But when they brought me the script, the producers and my partner knew I had the power to pull off the role. This kind of trusting relationship is really great. After all, you know the industry, you meet someone and those people who always open the next door for you happens. Although I have not had a similar experience before, I went down this path and if you ask me the main thing is not my acting was what kind of person I am when there are no cameras around. How you act in real life, how you react to events is as important as your acting. The script reached me and after testing myself as Cooper, we decided to take the role.

I think Sweet Girl is a very good movie and I can’t wait for people to see it on August 20. And of course it will come out later. Do not forget Dune and The Last Man. They all have different characters and I’m really excited that people will see it.

“My dreams have come true”

  • Question: Besides being an actor, you are also a producer now. At what point in your career do you see yourself right now?

Jason’s answer: As a matter of fact, I can say that all my dreams come true. I had the chance to work with my closest friends. The film was produced by me and directed by my best friend (Brian Andrew Mendoza). Also, our stunt team was great and we had the chance to use every opportunity we got. Sweet Girl to date was one of the most comfortable movies I’ve ever been in. because only people I valued were around me. Of course, it had its hard parts, after all, I had never acted in this kind of acting before and I couldn’t imagine how bad it would feel as I had never experienced such a bad trauma in my personal life. Despite all of this, I’m very proud of the work we’ve done and that people, looking forward to the day he will watch this movie I’m waiting.

You experience all the emotions one after the other in Sweet Girl

  • Question: Considering the scenes set in the hospital, Sweet Girl is a seriously emotional and action-packed movie. So, what genres do you enjoy playing the most?

Jason’s Reply: Actually I don’t see the need to separate the types because I like them all. Since they show a piece of life, the most impressive productions for me are mostly documentaries. Same time drama productions I like it too, but I also like to laugh while watching something.

Just like we tried to do with Sweet Girl, in public. will arouse some feelings I also like action movies. Whenever I watch the trailer of Sweet Girl “Oh my god, look at this action” I say. Although action-packed scenes appear in the trailer you realize that something else is going on in the background and when you watch the movie, you experience many emotions one after another. When you see the scenes in the first 15 minutes, your eyes fill with tears. “why am i crying now”.

Then the story turns you into a nice twist and as you understand what happened to me at the end of the movie and what happened in the movie, you start to question some things in real life. Because these are things that exist in real life. What we tried to overcome in Sweet Girl that we are dealing with multiple types I think. I can say that feeling like a man trying to keep his family together in the movie made me more enthusiastic about portraying the character.

“The best moment of my career was also the worst moment”

  • Question: From an emotional point of view, what were the best and worst moments of your career to date?

Jason’s answer:God this is a really tough question. It is a little difficult for me to answer this question, so I will go through some of my memories. worst times of my career was also their best time for me actually. Being a father was the best thing I’ve ever experienced, but during this period as a family man, I had to stay at home. You cannot pursue a career and pursue your child at the same time, but I think my greatest achievement to date has been being a good father.

Even though people don’t realize I’ve been acting since I was 19 years old and I am now 42 years old. It was a really tough road for me and I had to get myself out of many potholes along the way. I really love what I do, and that’s why I find a reason to hold on to it even at my worst.

“The values ​​we teach our children are very important”

  • Question:Tell me that this is your first time playing the role of a father on the big screen. Since you are also a father in real life, I’m really curious what Sweet Girl evokes in you.

Jason’s answer: The first thing I felt when I read the script was what I would do if the same things happened to me. All the injustice that has happened, having to pay a ton for just one drug to save someone’s life… What would I do if this happened to someone I love? Frankly I don’t know if I would have done the same with Cooperbut acting in a movie means going beyond all these questions and crossing some borders anyway.

All this drama aside, the reverse corner of the movie was one of the places that impressed me the most. I never expected something like this to happen. Also, just like in the movie, the idea of ​​being a strong parent I really like it. Values ​​you teach your children how to build yourself against them idea is really important. How you pass these things on to your children is very important, because even if you are out of their lives, they continue to live by these values. No, I’m not going to cry…Though people have only cried for me when I died on GoT anyway. (Laughs)

“I don’t think we will see action movies as good as before”

  • Question: Sweet Girl is reminiscent of the old-school action movies where one person goes against a large army. I wonder what kind of productions you watched in the past and how it felt to make such a film again.

Jason’s answer: Yes, I was thinking the same thing. I watched many movies made in the eighties and I show them to my children as an example. I grew up in a time when action movies were at their best and will come back from those times again I don’t think so. But if you ask me, there is a new wave in the world of cinema and in this wave, we see characters who are not as tough, invincible and crazy as before, but still immerse themselves in the action.

I want to come up with something fun and adventurous, and at the same time try not to look so harsh. While doing these things, I also try not to compare myself with anything because the problems we see in each production, even if it is a movie, are unique to each other. Think Sweet Girl, totally action packed but also he lost his parents because of the interests of private medicine company tells the story of a girl. This is much more than just an action movie.

“The villain always loses at the end of the story”

  • Question: Did you do any deep research while preparing for the character of Cooper, if you did, could you give us more detailed information about the events?

Jason’s answer: There were many details that we put into the movie. Giant pharmaceutical companies, big companies, big companies… The more you dig up these kinds of things, the more terrifying stories come out. . Such stories are very likely to happen in reality, and that’s why we can establish a sincere bond with the audience. able to heal people money around those drugs, they’re really sickening. My friends and I wanted to exemplify a story like this because, you know, the bad guy always loses at the end of the story.

It was really hard to step into something like this. After all, you started by choosing a person, a story you want to tell, and you have to pour money like crazy on what you choose. There were many things that could end up good or bad at the end of this business, and we took risks, get into one of these rabbit holesWe wanted to tell you what’s going on.

“The star of the movie was definitely Isabella (Rachel)”

  • Question: You have a strong bond with Isabela Moner (Rachel). What was it like working with him?

Jason’s answer:Isabella is a really strong girl. I definitely believe he is the star of the movie. He’s seriously talented as an actor and also a great person. These two features you can’t see it in many people. He trained himself amazingly throughout the movie, tackling all those action scenes, and god, there’s that last minute pool scene…

I have a father-daughter relationship with him and I’m really incredibly proud of what he’s accomplished. At first I was wondering if he could handle the role, but then I saw how he handled it. that she should definitely be the one to play Rachel I decided.

“This movie opened my eyes to things I wasn’t aware of before”

  • Question:How do you think the audience will relate to Sweet Girl? How would you like them to bond?

Jason’s answer: To this question “how would I connect myself” I want to answer in terms of. I think the audience will enjoy this movie because in one way or another, we’re all family and some of us go through really scary things. After all, big companies say that when something goes on in their cool background, it somehow seeps into your own house and how to affect subclass you somehow guess.

There are many unjust things going on in the world and knowing that it will not end well, either if they are in government or with someone who wants to bring justice with their own handsyou can easily establish a link. Even if they can’t bring justice themselves, people enjoy watching it done by someone else. I’m not quite sure how the audience will feel about this movie, but when I first read this script, I was really touched and this movie opened my eyes to some facts that I had never been aware of before.

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