Chrome 96 is now available to everyone and comes with a new experimental feature that will make the browser look like native apps in Windows 11. As you know, the new generation of Windows focused on rounded corners, subtle design improvements and Mica effect.

Earlier, we mentioned that Chrome will come with interface improvements in line with the Windows 11 design. An experimental feature (flag) that brings rounded corners to the main menu, the context menu for the web page, and the menu for the tab strip is now included in Chrome 96 for Windows 11.

The image update for Chrome 96 is available for Windows 10 and Windows 11, but needs to be activated manually by following these steps:

  • Type “chrome://flags” in the URL field and click Enter.
  • Search for “Windows 11”.
  • Activate the “Windows 11 Style Menus” option e.
  • Enable the experimental feature.
  • Restart the browser.

Google is making updates to Chrome to make its menus round the corners and match the look of Windows 11. In the future, we will probably see new enhancements to cover other areas of the browser as well.

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Michael Lewis


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