At the 2021 Cardano Summit, ADA fans from all over the world came together and watched the statements of Cardano founder and IOHK manager Charles Hoskinson. Hoskinson made a new announcement at this event that excited ADA users. Hoskinson announced a partnership between Cardano and DISH Network, a Fortune-500 American television satellite provider. The strategic partnership aims to introduce Cardano’s Blockchain technology to DISH’s telecom services, possibly increasing Cardano adoption and benefiting DISH users with 8 million digital IDs (D.I.D) on telephone satellites.

Hoskinson announces new developments for Cardano

Hoskinson says Input Output, the software company that created Cardano, is like Apple. But the difference is, Hoskinson will soon stop playing a leading role in his thriving ecosystem, decentralization will be achieved and community, we will be the next Steve Jobs. Hoskinson said, “You made me believe people again. You made me believe that there is no problem that we cannot solve, no mountain that we cannot overcome.”

A decentralized app store for Cardano apps says it’s coming. Unlike Apple’s App Store, we won’t need anyone’s permission to install our apps. A Lightweight mobile wallet is also on the way and Chainlink will integrate with Cardano. In his keynote address, Hoskinson announced that Dish and Input Output have entered into a strategic partnership. Dish is an American Fortune 200 company that operates satellite TV infrastructure; Hoskinson calls the company a “rebel of the telephony industry.” IOHK company will produce a variety of products.

It’s unclear what products IOHK will manufacture, but “proof of bandwidth” and decentralized identity and loyalty programs are discussed. “Blockchains are useless without connectivity,” says Chris Ergen, co-founder and president of DISH Office of Innovation. Together, it’s pointed out that their technology will “get bigger by cadulating”.

ADA price drops

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As we reported , this and other positive news has pushed the price of ADA higher despite the recent decline surrounding the recycled Chinese FUD, with a market cap of $69 million at the time of writing as low as $2.17. Having lost 5 percent in the last 24 hours, ADA is the fourth largest cryptocurrency after BTC, ETH, USDT.

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