Especially with the development of computer games and technologies recently, the interest in computer games increased. Average time spent in front of a computer in our country over 10 hours also shows how much this interest is.

For this reason, Bilişim Vadisi, aiming to meet the needs of the players, ” Bilişim Vadisi Gaming Chair Competition” is organized by the Design Cluster Center in collaboration with Nurus and Digiage Game Cluster. Up to 15 thousand Dollars announced that the award will be given.

The purpose of the competition:

Competition, human anatomy best available aims to find a gaming chair that will be designed and produced in such a way. Also ” gaming chair” to be heard in the furniture industry, and to encourage technical knowledge and design. high interest is displayed.

To examine the designs made in the competition 10 criteria was determined. The designs will be evaluated according to these criteria and the winner will be determined. These criteria are;

  • Increasing the experience gained during the game,
  • Innovation and originality,
  • Customizability,
  • Marketability,
  • Inclusivity,
  • Applicability,
  • Functionality,
  • Sustainability,
  • Cleanability,
  • Using the ergonomic data of the project effectively

Application conditions

The criteria that the teams to submit their designs to the competition must comply with were also determined. Participating in the competition as a team according to these criteria required and team members in departments of universities in America or TRNC covering architecture, fine art, visual art and visual communication design, art and design, and architecture and design disciplines affiliated with engineering faculties. student or from these sections graduated

It should be . Persons participating in the competition 25 years and under

One of the rules set in .

Also, the participating teams 1 project and the participants have no ties to the jury and the interviewers. must not exist. In the projects, it is also possible to have any sign or phrase that introduces the project owners. forbidden.


Nurus Design Camp, Nurus Study Chair and 15 thousand Dollars cash prize will be awarded. The second team was given Nurus Study Chair and 10 thousand Dollars will be given. The team that came in third in the evaluation was Nurus Study Chair and 5 thousand Dollars will be the owner.

Projects of teams who want to participate in the competition 30 September 2021. For detailed information about the competition here you can visit the website.

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