While research on COVID-19, which has taken the world by storm, continues, a new study has revealed the possibility of pets getting infected. Cats against COVID-19 virus, according to research findings more vulnerable than dogs.

Scientists from the University of Minnesota looked for antibodies that could indicate COVID-19 infection in blood samples collected in April and June 2020 from 239 cats and 510 dogs. Results, eight percent of cats have COVID-19 while showing in only one percent of dogs antibody was detected. These results reveal that the virus can be transferred between species, and cats are more vulnerable than dogs.

Cats are less likely to show symptoms, although they can get the virus

The findings point to only part of the situation. Because even though we know that pets can catch COVID-19, they are very unlikely to show any signs of illness. Pets are also unlikely to transmit COVID-19 to humans, but it is possible for humans to transmit COVID-19 to animals. Pets are still very unlikely to get sick, though.

The blood samples used in the study were collected anonymously; In other words, researchers do not have data on whether animals spend more time at home or outside, and whether there is virus transmission between animals. The aforementioned research team is currently conducting a research on the last months of 2020. This is because during this time period, the state of Minnesota, where the research was conducted, has a much higher incidence of COVID-19 in humans. With this research on the spread of COVID-19 they hope to get useful data.

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