Although it has a creepy appearance, there is no one who has not heard that crows, which have an important place in the wild, are extremely intelligent. A new study has revealed that these creatures have a much higher level of intelligence. As a result of the study, the researchers found that the crows they can understand the concept of zero they concluded.

In ancient number systems, the crows’ ability to do this is all the more interesting, since there is no equivalent of the zero we use today. In a study conducted at the University of Tübingen in Germany, scientists found that when crows see certain amounts that certain neurons are active in their brainsthey knew. When the crow sees a dot, a certain neuron becomes active, when it sees two dots, a certain neuron becomes active, and so on.

Zero activated a new neuron in the crow’s brain

To test whether these ‘dark’ creatures could interpret zero as a number value, the researchers showed the crows two different dot images, each with 0 to 4 dots. The crows were trained to notice if two images showed the same value. When the crows see a “zero” point, researchers monitoring their brain activity detect this new amount in the crows’ brains. they saw that a new neuron was active.

Crows sometimes made the mistake of showing the same amount in both images, and they often made this mistake when there was one dot in the image instead of two or three. Research co-author Andread Nieder explains the subject as “ This effect will only happen if the crows accept ‘absence’ as the smallest numeric value in the sequence of numbers.. ” Özedollarsedi said. Because birds do not have a neocortex like that of humans or apes, this feature of crows is in the minds of researchers. The new question about the intelligence development of flying creatures led to the birth of the series of signs.

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