Founded by Josef Fares, the creator of the Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons game, Hazelight, as we all know, is a famous producer for developing games that cannot be played by anyone who has no friends 🙂 He had been mentioned for a long time with A Way Out before. Now, we are here with a brand new 3D platform game with innovative spaces in the same style.

It Takes Two actually feels like a playable Pixar movie for two actors. It has a great pace and constantly gives you something to do. While the story is impressive, it is a bit simple. It revolves around a couple being forced to rebuild their relationship. At some points, we can say that although it is a bit cliché, it is quite effective in reinforcing the ideas that form the basis of team play.

The story of It Takes Two begins with the quarrel between married couple Cody and May. Their daughter Rose, who overhears the conversation they are planning to divorce, takes it upon herself to solve this problem. The two dolls, which he made to represent his parents, cause a magical transformation with the tears falling on the babies as he starts talking between them, and so our game begins.

Dr. Judge, enemy or helper?

Parents Cody and May, as soon as we adore the shock of the transformation, we immediately begin our journey to reverse the magic. Of course, transformation is not the only magical event here. The magical Love Book Doctor Hakim, who contributed to this transformation, prevents our efforts to return to our bodies by acting like a kind of trouble in the first part of the story. However, let’s not forget that it helps them complete their missions by telling them the new abilities and places we need to go in the second half of the game.

As if it consists of many mini games

It Takes Two is an enjoyable game that will keep you locked on the screen for a long time with a friend or family. The main aspect that makes it enjoyable is its diversity. There are seven main sections in the game. Although some episodes are similar to those that came before, they are generally all completely different from each other. All sections are based on locations within and around the family’s home. Most of the levels are huge and what makes them fun to explore is the ever-changing game mechanics. At first, you need to run through long tunnels by avoiding obstacles with your friend, while you advance with a hammer and nail. The game features transportation mechanics ranging from insects that can be controlled sometimes in the air and sometimes on the ground, and glider with animals using a stress wheel. Each episode has tick-specific transportation methods, but we do not want to miss the excitement of the game by conveying more.

Game mechanics change in every episode

Each episode offers you multiple new abilities and mechanics. Sometimes they apply to the whole episode and sometimes only to one episode. Sometimes it takes some time to understand how your new talents interact within the department and with each other. But the controls for all the different mechanics are always clearly defined and all of them are very easy to use. In addition, interactive objects are either colored differently or an icon appears next to the object to indicate which button or ability can be used. Overall, Hazelight has done a great job of linking puzzles and dangerous episodes using all these different abilities. Although the story always remains the same, you can play the game with the other character a second time and have a different experience.

It’s okay to die. Just don’t die either of you!

Another feature that increases the speed and tension is the numerous bosses. What a mudollar that they don’t come at the end of every episode. Because overall boss fights are probably the hardest parts of the game. When you die, you can be reborn very quickly. But don’t let both characters die. In this case, you are unfortunately returning to the last checkpoint.

Like the graphics and design, the sound and music are absolutely top notch. It Takes Two is a game that all players should play. Just find a friend to play with. Moreover, your friend does not have to own the game.


Platform XBOX / PC / PS
Type 3D platform
Producer Hazelight
Distribution Electronic Arts
For Information https: // www. hazelight se / games / it-takes-two /

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