Cryptocurrencies attract great attention Iran officially allowed mining until recently. However, the Iranian government, which took a new decision due to the power cuts in May and prohibited mining within the scope of this decision, now preparing to lift the ban.

Announcing the ban on mining, the Iranian authorities said that this ban until September 22 they mentioned that it is valid. In the statements made on the subject, one month before the end of the ban, it was stated that the ban period would not be extended. Because with the end of summer who thinks that energy consumption will decrease The government is convinced that mining will not cause a new energy problem throughout the country.

Pre-ban conditions will apply

Iran’s decision on the mining ban, the country’s electricity generation and distribution company The ceiling

Made by . The spokesperson named Mostafa Rajabi Mashhadi said that with the decrease in energy consumption, crypto currency mining can be done on the condition that the pre-ban conditions are complied with. This decision was made by the entrepreneurs who mining under license throughout the country. he’s got a smile on his face.

Iran is one of the countries that carries out the process with cryptocurrencies in the best way. Allowing foreign enterprises to mine in the country not allowinggovernment licenses local miners. The government, which has licensed 30 cryptocurrency mining facilities so far, has not granted any license to the licensed centers. not in print. However, Iran is strongly against unlicensed mining. In fact, law enforcement forces also carry out large operations in this regard. According to the available information, in the last 1 year 212 thousand 373mining device was confiscated because it was not licensed by the government. Owners of these mining devices serious sanctions applied.

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