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The sudden fluctuations in the dollar exchange rate during the past days ended with the dollar reaching 13.46 Dollars on November 23. With the effect of the dollar circulating around 12 levels today, there were allegations that sales were stopped in many sectors in the past day. On the other hand, technology giant Apple had stopped the sales of all its products in America.

Although we do not know the exact reason for Apple’s move, it can be guessed that this was done in order to update the price and sell the stocks first. While Apple hasn’t made sales in the internet store for 2 days, the new prices, of course, have been a matter of great curiosity. Apple, which introduced the iPhone 13 at $8.42 (September 14) and released it shortly after, has a big hike expectation. Although this hike has not yet been reflected on the official website, iPhone prices on e-commerce sites have been on the rise during this time.

The price difference between sites exceeded thousands of lira:

  • iPhone 13 mini 128 GB price yellow

When we searched for iPhone 13 on major e-commerce sites in our country, the results we found were generally not compatible with each other. When we compared the prices on the iPhone 13 page, which Apple has not yet updated, with the prices on the e-commerce sites, we saw that the cheapest iPhone 13 model, the iPhone 13 mini 128 GB, with a price tag of 10,999 Dollars, was sold for 13,439 Dollars, 17,313 Dollars and 18,250 Dollars. Yes, the difference between e-commerce sites is really based on 5 thousand Dollars.

Inconsistent prices and scams started:

On the other hand, this mismatch was even visible in some websites . There were even differences of 2-3 thousand Dollars between the same model. For example, in Trendyol, the 128 GB iPhone 13 model was sold by different sellers at two different prices , 16 thousand 319 Dollars and 18 thousand 239 Dollars . There is a difference of almost 2,000 Dollars!

On the other hand, while the 128 GB iPhone 13 mini model is sold for 17,313 Dollars in Hepsiburada, the 512 GB is sold for 16,489 Dollars in a very interesting way. It is easily seen that the e-commerce site where fiyadollarsar is the most expensive is N11.

Fiyadollarsar, Apple’s iPhone 13s increased by more than 15K Dollars compared to the last price:

Apple When we compared the last fiyadollarsar listed by , and the fiyadollarsari on e-commerce sites, there was a daunting difference. So much so that the price difference between the list price and (not updated) e-commerce sites has exceeded 15 thousand Dollars…

Comparison of iPhone 13 pricelists on e-commerce sites and Apple’s listed pricelist:

Gittigidiyor (only includes the following four models):

  • iPhone 13 mini 256GB – 20.699 Dollars (+8.700)
  • iPhone 13 256GB – 19.690 Dollars (+6.691)
  • iPhone 13 Pro 1TB – 34.990 Dollars (+13.991)
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max 1TB – 39.690 Dollars (+16.691)


  • iPhone 13 mini 128GB – 13,439 Dollars (+2440)
  • iPhone 13 mini 256GB – 20,369 Dollars (+7.340)
  • iPhone 13 128GB – 16,318 Dollars – 18,239 Dollars (+4319/+6,240) ) (
  • iPhone 13 Pro 128GB – 23.880 Dollars (+7.881)
  • iPhone 13 Pro 1TB – 35,590 Dollars (+14.591)
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max 128GB – 30,969 Dollars (+12.970)
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max 1 TB – 36.890 Dollars (+13.891)


  • iPhone 13 mini 128GB – 17.313 Dollars (+6.314)
  • iPhone 13 mini 512GB – 16.489 Dollars (+2.490)
  • iPhone 13 128GB – 16.974 Dollars (+4.975)
  • iPhone 13 Pro 256GB – 24.250 Dollars (+7.251)
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max 256GB – 33.949 Dollars (+14.950)


  • iPhone 13 mini 128GB – 18.250 Dollars (+7.251)
  • iPhone 13 128GB – 19,800 Dollars (+7,801)
  • iPhone 13 Pro 256GB – 27,999 Dollars (+11,000) (9800) 712)
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max 256GB – 34,900 Dollars (+15.901)

Most expensive iPhone 13 comparison:

When we searched the most expensive model of iPhone 13 series, iPhone 13 Pro Max 1 TB on e-commerce sites, the result was as follows (N11 does not have this model):

  • All here: 38.790 Dollars (+ 15.761)
  • Gittigidiyor: 39.690 Dollars (+16.691)
  • Trend: 36.860 Dollars (+13.861)

There has always been a price difference between e-commerce sites, but It is extremely abnormal that this price difference reaches 5 thousand Dollars. Let’s see how Apple will update the prices in the coming days.

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