We shared with you yesterday that Google is working on a new application that will easily move data from iPhone to Android phones. we mentioned. A similar move today is the world’s most popular instant messaging app. WhatsApp

Came from . WABetaInfo discovered a feature that WhatsApp was working on.

The feature discovered through WhatsApp source codes allows users to move chat histories from iOS to Android provides. Thus, one of the biggest problems of WhatsApp users will be history. Because chat history in WhatsApp was previously only third party software could be moved between platforms.

WhatsApp’s new feature looks like

The screenshots shared about the feature are in the settings section of the iOS version of WhatsApp. a new option will be added reveals. This option will be “Move chatdollarseries to Android” and will be used for chatdollarserin transfer. Even though nedollars hasn’t matched yet, as far as we understand, WhatsApp is an Android device. By reading the QR code on the iOS device, chat will start the transfer process.

When will the feature that WhatsApp is developing will be available, unknown for now. However, this feature will be available sooner or later, and WhatsApp users will know what to do while switching smartphones with this feature. will not think. By the way, the feature in question can also work in the opposite way. In other words, the option to transfer from Android to iOS can also be offered to users. However, the application source codes do not show anything clear about this for now.

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