As the mobile game world is developing, the developers are not putting their best efforts for unique productions. Some developers are the world’s most popular AAA games while others point to interesting structures that have not been tried so far or have not reached the desired point even if tried. Now to you, iOS

We will talk about a mobile game that is being developed for the ecosystem.

The name of the mobile game in development Loco Looper. This game is actually a production that asks you to complete the train track with a simple logic. There are already countless similar ones. But what makes Loco Looper unique is, with holographic effectdollarser that it offers a third-dimensional experience even when used without glasses.

As the phone tilts, so does the scene in the game

Developed by James Vanas, the game offers the gaming experience you’ve had so far. differentthe kind to carry somewhere. Because all the items in this game can automatically tilt when you tilt your phone or tablet. This is a unique third size

It stands for . Sharing a video about the game, Vanas said, ” Loco Looper’s cute holographic effect on iPhones and iPads. . .“.

There is a lot of obscurity with James Vanas’ game. For example, this game release dateunknown for now. Also, whether the Android ecosystem can meet this game is yet to be determined. not clear. However From Twitter account, making regular updates, Vanas continues to explain the development process of the game.

The experience from Loco Looper looks like this

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