It has been suggested that starting next year, iPhone and Apple Watch devices will be able to detect that you are involved in a traffic accident and automatically call emergency services. According to The Wall Street Journal, the advent of the traffic accident feature is based on company documents and information from sources close to the company.

The feature will use iPhone and Apple Watch sensors like the accelerometer, in part, to “detect car crashes as they happen” by measuring a sudden increase in gravitational force, more commonly known as g-force, during impact.

It claims that Apple tested the feature last year by collecting data shared anonymously by iPhone and Apple Watch users, and the devices apparently detected more than 10 million suspicious vehicle crashes. 911 call data is used to improve the accuracy of the collision detection algorithm, as an emergency call associated with a suspected collision gives Apple more confidence that it really was a car accident.

Note that this feature is similar to the Fall Detection feature on Apple Watch Series 4 and newer models, which can detect if the user has suffered a hard fall and automatically call emergency services unless they indicate they are okay.

Let’s also remind you that watchOS 8.1 has been released for Apple Watch Series 4 and newer, which offers advanced algorithms to detect falls during training and the option to enable fall detection only during training.

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Michael Lewis


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