Apple fans are getting excited as we come to the end of summer. Because the company will organize a launch in the near future, and in this launch event, iPhone 13 will officially announce his family. Although Apple did not make any statement about the launch in question, the developments experienced, launch date is almost certain reveals.

Apple usually releases new iPhone models september was announcing it. But last year, there was a delay due to pandemic conditions. Company, in october introduced the iPhone 12 family at an event it organized. Analisdollarser, working within Wedbush, a US-based investment company, will be reopened in 2021. would be back say.

Apple will very likely bring the iPhone 13 family with us in the third week of next September:

According to the Wedbush analisdollar series, Apple will be held in the third week of September will officially announce the iPhone 13 family as part of an event. And it’s not just Wedbush, TrendForce

The market research company is of the same opinion. So analisdollarser, why do they think so? Why will Apple announce the iPhone 13 family in September?

According to information from supply chains, Apple around 90 million The iPhone 13 has already been produced. This figure is significantly higher than the iPhone 12 production, which was around 80 million in 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic was more effective. In addition, the ratio of iPhone 13s produced for the third quarter to all iPhone models produced. in the range of 35 to 45 percent. These statistics show that Apple has no reason to wait until October.

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