From time to time, it comes to the fore with its claims about Apple, but has not been very successful in meeting these claims. DigiTimes made a remarkable debut regarding the tech giant’s possible launch event in September. Claiming to have obtained some information from industry sources, DigiTimes said that the price of the upcoming iPhone 13 will be announced this year. might be a little more expensive expressed. So why?

According to the information, the reason why the iPhone 13 models will be more expensive is that one of Apple’s important suppliers. TSMC’s decision to raise. Allegedly, the company sent a notification to all its customers to start semiconductor production fees. up to 20 percent announced that he made a raise. This decision means that Apple’s A15 Bionic processors will cost more. As of now, Apple will reflect the cost increase to the consumer.

Apple’s raise rate may not be the same as TSMC

The hike made by TSMC will not be reflected directly to the consumer. According to DigiTimes’ report, the company offers iPhone models. in the 3 to 5 percent range is planning to raise at varying rates. To explain this with an example; Currently, an iPhone 12 Pro can be purchased for $999. If the claims about Apple are true, the price of the iPhone 13 Pro, 1. $0.30 to $1,050 can be located somewhere in the range.

Apple announced the launch of the iPhone 12 due to the impact of the coronavirus epidemic. delay had to. This year, however, such a delay is not expected. The company will hold a launch in September, as it did in 2019 and previous years, and introduce new iPhone models. Expectations are that the iPhone 13 will have a more powerful camera setup, the processor will be stronger and change in screen design can be done in the direction.

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