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The conflict between iOS and Android users has been reflected in the company for a long time. Now between Apple Store and Google Play Store will fail estimates on incomean abyss is expected.

Apple App Store is expected to surpass Google Play Store in revenue per user in the next five years. Now let’s take a closer look at the reports and explain the situation to you.

How is the worldwide distribution of iOS and Android users now?

When we look at the data of the last five years, the table does not change. The data shared by Statista does not say otherwise, the number of Android users is almost three times the number of iOS users. The leadership expected within five years on the iPhone side, which is preferred by only 25% of mobile phone users, is newsworthy. The interesting thing is that the number of iPhone users will probably not increase proportionally, so in the table we see, the channel where users “prefer to spend money” will change instead of brand preferences. Although the study is carried out only within the borders of the USA, it would not be wrong to say that this large market also reflects the global situation.

What are the expected download rates for mobile apps for the USA in the next five years?

  • 2021: App Store 9 billion – Play Store 5.8 billion
  • 2022: App Store 9.3 billion – Play Store 5.7 billion
  • 2023:App Store 9.7 billion – Play Store 5.8 billion
  • 2024: App Store 10. 2 billion – Play Store 6 billion
  • 2025: App Store 10.6 billion – Play Store 6.3 billion

It is surprising that Google Play download rates have dropped from 2021 to 2022, even in the US alone. One of the underlying reasons for this is the expectation that the epidemic, which has an intense effect between 2020-2021, will leave its place to social life. In this way, the number of applications that do padollama at a time will return to their previous level.

So why isn’t there such an expectation in the Apple App Store? The market continues to expand after the epidemic for iOS users. Of course, here the increases are at a reasonable level, we see rates such as 5%, 2%. When we transition to the global level, we witness how domestic amics change.

So, what are the expected download rates in mobile applications globally in five years?

  • 2021: App Store 36 billion – Play Store 119 billion
  • 2022:App Store 38 billion – Play Store 133 billion
  • 2023: App Store 39 billion – Play Store 149 billion
  • 2024: App Store 41 billion – Play Store 168 billion
  • 2025: App Store 43 billion – Play Store 187 billion

In the global table, there is no change in the application download reflexes of Android users, it seems that the cumulative increase will continue to increase every year. iOS users, on the other hand, seem to maintain an almost constant download rate in line with user increases. Let’s dig a little deeper that the annual app download rate has decreased to negative compared to the increase in users. we can even see it. Now, keep this chart in mind and get ready for some surprising data on revenue per user.

How will spending per user on mobile platforms change in five years?

  • 2021: App Store $92 billion – Play Store $50 billion
  • 2022:App Store $112 billion – Play Store $58 billion
  • 2023: App Store $134 billion – Play Store $67 billion
  • 2024: App Store $159 billion – Play Store $76 billion
  • 2025: App Store $185 billion – Play Store $85 billion

Even today, we see that the Apple App Store is ahead of the Google Play Store in revenue per user, but the rate has never doubled. Considering that in 2025, the Apple App Store will have 43 billion app downloads, the expected revenue per user will reach 185 billion dollars, and the Google Play Store will reach 85 billion dollars against 187 billion app downloads, we are faced with a situation that is even more than double. Don’t you think this inverse ratio between download rates and revenue per user takes us to a very interesting place?

The difference between the platforms we mentioned here is, however, when we look at the big picture, it is necessary to focus on the data that the global users’ spending in the mobile application market will reach 270 billion dollars. It does not seem possible that Greece’s gross national product will reach $209 billion today and reach $270 billion five years later. The mobile world will have expanded to surpass the GDP of one of our neighbors. In 2020, 111 billion dollars in mobile user spending, and the fact that this will increase by two and a half times in 2025, do you think that the “future is mobile” cliché is on the agenda again?

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