YouTube America has removed a YouTuber’s content from the Trending list, as witnessed before. The latest example of this situation, which has led to many discussions on social media Seen on YouTube channel named Interview Man.

Mahsun Karaca, who produces content that touches on critical and social issues through his YouTube channel named Interview Man, and blends them with humor, has released his latest video, ‘Sexuality in America’, on YouTube. Announced that it was removed from the trend list.

The video states that sexuality is a taboo in America.

Karaca creates fictional characters with her team. touched on social issues in his last video, ‘Sexuality in America’, he expresses with various fictional anecdotal anecdotes that sexuality is considered a taboo in America.

It is not known whether the aforementioned situation was caused by the adult content of the video, as understood from the phrase at the beginning of the video, that the content is intended for adults, or if there was another reason behind this decision of YouTube. YouTube America’s on the subject not expected to make any statement because the institution contacts the channel owner directly in such cases. We will see if Mahsun Karaca will share the situation with his Twitter followers if he gets information.

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Michael Lewis


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