Intel launched its Rocket Lake-based processors for the server market. The previous generation Coffee Lake-E Xeon E-2200 family was released in the second quarter of 2019 and is the first update to the Xeon 2000 series.

The range ranges from the $182 quad-core Xeon E-2314 to the $539 octa-core E-2388G. All new generation processors are powered by Intel’s latest Cypress Cove core architecture based on 14nm manufacturing.

The new Intel Xeon E-2300 is not a consumer or enterprise-grade processor lineup. It should be noted that it is designed for more server-based uses such as digital displays for small businesses, local web hosting or higher speed connection to local NAS installations.

Current Xeon processors can be used with 4-32 GB modules together with DDR4-3200 ECC memory up to 128 GB. Chips that come with LGA1200 socket offer up to 17% performance increase over previous generation processors, 65-95 watt TDP, PCIe Gen4 CPU and PCIe Gen3 PCH connections.

The flagship of the series Intel Xeon E-2388G comes with 8 cores, 16 threads and 16 MB of L3 cache. The CPU has a base clock of 3.20 GHz and a boost clock of 5.10 GHz in a single core. The chip, which is expected to exceed 200W at the PL2 level, is listed with a basic TDP of 95W.

CPU Core/ Thread Base Clock Boost Clock L3 Cache PCIe 4.0 & 3.0 Lane TDP Graphics Support Price (RCP)
Xeon E-2388G 8/16 3. 20GHz 5. 10GHz 16MB 44 95W Iris Xe 539$
Xeon E-2378G 8/16 2. 80GHz 5. 10GHz 16MB 44 80W Iris Xe 494$
Xeon E-2378 8/16 2. 60GHz 4. 80GHz 16MB 44 65W 362$
Xeon E-2386G 6/12 3. 50GHz 5. 10GHz 12MB 44 95W Iris Xe 450$
Xeon E-2356G 6/12 3. 20GHz 5. 00GHz 12MB 44 80W Iris Xe 311$
Xeon E-2336 6/12 2. 90GHz 4. 80GHz 12MB 44 65W 284$
Xeon E-2374G 4/8 3. 70GHz 5. 00GHz 8 MB 44 80W Iris Xe 334$
Xeon E-2334 4/8 3. 40GHz 4. 80GHz 8 MB 44 65W 250$
Xeon E-2324G 4/4 3. 10GHz 4. 60GHz 8 MB 44 65W Iris Xe 209$
Xeon E-2314 4/4 2. 80GHz 4. 50GHz 8 MB 44 65W 182$

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