We’ve been talking a lot lately about Intel’s Xe-HPG architecture focused on gamers and Arc Alchemist cards. However, while the blue team was making serious plans for the server market, they were working on the Xe-HP GPU architecture.

Raja Koduri, Intel’s Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Graphics Group (AXG), announced on Twitter that they do not plan to commercialize the Xe-HP GPU series. This is because it appears that Intel has already converted the original plans for the Xe-HP series to the HPC series, also known as Ponte Vecchio, and the Xe-HPG series, also known as Intel Arc. So having an additional GPU batch based on the original Xe-HP architecture doesn’t seem to make much sense, according to the company.

The Arctic Sound flagship server GPU lineup was known as “in development” with the revival of the company’s Intel HPC division. Coderi demonstrated the first chips as the first high-performance Xe silicon chipset to be developed. In the meantime, let’s note that TSMC produces Xe-HPC and Xe-HPG chips for Intel.

Throughout the year, Intel focused on building the Aurora Supercomputer and the Ponte Vecchio for its customer base. The company is also working to launch the Xe-HPG Alchemist GPU family for the first quarter of next year.

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Michael Lewis


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