Intel is preparing 32 different Arc Alchemist discrete graphics cards for desktops, laptops and maybe servers looking at a newly released driver. Maybe not that many GPUs will emerge in the first place, but this figure signals that the blue team will offer a wide range of GPUs for various applications.

Intel’s new 30. 0. 101. 1002 driver for integrated and external display cards shows that it has reserved as many as 32 PCI IDs for the DG2 family, which will be marketed under the Arc Alchemist brand. Each PCI ID typically represents a separate product or a SKU (stock keeping unit).

There seems to be about six times more IDs for the DG2 GPU family than the DG1 series released a year ago. As it is known, the Intel Arc Alchemist series will appear in the first quarter of next year.

Official documents from Intel that were leaked earlier this year reveal that the company is working on at least five different models based on the Xe-HPG architecture, including 96 EU, 128 EU, 256 EU, 384 EU and 512 EU. However, a few days ago we saw another Arc GPU model with 448 EU.

At this point, it is unclear which GPU models are intended for laptops, and which can be used for both desktops and laptops. In addition, Intel plans to use its Xe-HPG-based GPUs for desktops, workstations and even servers. Therefore, we expect to see a large number of Intel branded graphics cards in the coming period.


INTEL_DEV_4F80 = “Intel(R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_4F81 = “Intel(R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_4F82 = “Intel(R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_4F83 = “Intel(R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_4F84 = “Intel(R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_4F85 = “Intel(R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_4F86 = “Intel(R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_4F87 = “Intel(R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_4F88 = “Intel(R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_5690 = “Intel(R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_5691 = “Intel(R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_5692 = “Intel(R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_5693 = “Intel(R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_5694 = “Intel(R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_5695 = “Intel(R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_5696 = “Intel(R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_5697 = “Intel(R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_5698 = “Intel(R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_56A0 = “Intel(R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_56A1 = “Intel(R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_56A2 = “Intel(R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_56A3 = “Intel(R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_56A4 = “Intel(R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_56A5 = “Intel(R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_56A6 = “Intel(R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_56A7 = “Intel(R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_56A8 = “Intel(R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_56A9 = “Intel(R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_56B0 = “Intel(R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_56B1 = “Intel(R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_56C0 = “Intel(R) Xe Graphics”
INTEL_DEV_56C1 = “Intel(R) Xe Graphics”

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