CNET’s Stephen Shankland took a tour of Intel’s Arizona chipmaking factory and shared the first photos of the next generation of mobile chips. As Intel is about to announce the 12th Gen Core Alder Lake-P/M series next year, the first images of the Meteor Lake test silicon two generations later have surfaced.

The photos were taken during a tour at the Intel Fab 42 in Chandler, Arizona. CNET also shared close-up photos of various kinds of chips, such as the next-gen Xeon with HBM codenamed “Sapphire Rapids,” and even the high-performance data center accelerator Ponte Vecchio.

The same name also managed to snap a photo of a 300mm wafer (chipplate) with 14th Gen Intel Meteor Lake-M. These are the first photos of real silicon undergoing a test production trial at Intel facilities.

In fact, all these chips have something in common. The chips photographed are based on multi-layer designs that require complex packetollarsing technologies that Intel is currently adopting and likely to use in the near future.

Judging by the size of the test chips, they could be the Meteor Lake-M series, which will operate in the 5W to 15W power range. Finally, it should be noted that we do not expect Intel Meteor Lake desktop and mobile processors until at least the second quarter of 2023.

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