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You went to the cinema with your lover. While watching a romantic love movie, a few minutes before the movie, you wanted to buy padollaramam corn and coke. However, you had no idea. In the same way, while sitting at home by yourself and watching a program on TV, you unexpectedly started to crave ice cream or, worse, to kill someone. 25. square technique can do these is claimed.

25. square,subliminal messages, images that can control the subconscious and more are some of the worst nightmares of many people. And they’re right, because no one wants to be brainwashed without even realizing it. So is all this true? Really 25. subconscious of a person with the square technique is it possible to place different thoughts? Let’s take a closer look at the urban legends and scientific facts on this subject.

25. What is the square technique?

According to the 25th frame technique that gave birth to all these urban legends, the human eye only Can see 24 frames and more than that is not processed into consciousness. However, any message in a hidden 25th frame added to these 24 frames directly penetrates the subconscious of the person and enables him to internalize this message.

25. square is actually an example of a subliminal message. The texts that are thought to be placed in cartoons by the illuminati, 25th frame technique applied in movies, letters hidden between words, isaredollarser on the dollar and much more are believed to be subliminal messages. These messages can be simple advertisements, or they can lead people to vote for a different party or even a murder.

The famous square 25 ad and facts:

Allegedly, the emergence of the 25th square technique dates back to 1957. James Waikerie, a businessman in New Jersey adds frame 25 to a cinema projector.Added in frame 25 ‘Drink a Coke! Eat Padollaramam corn!’ has articles. Is it the result? On that day, sales of cola and padollared corn increased by 17%.

Later that year, James Waikerie patents the 25th frame technique. via patent after making more than $38 million in total In 1974, he suddenly released his right to the patent. Could the Illuminati have taken over the case?

Illuminati has nothing to do with it because This story is completely fictional.When the sales were analyzed, it was revealed that there was no increase in the middle. This story is not the story of the 25th frame technique, but the story of a successful viral ad made by the advertiser named James Waikerie. He later admitted that this was not true. Or the Illuminati?

25. The square technique is one of the world’s most widely believed lies:

As in our proverb, a crazy person threw a stone into the well and forty wise men could not get it out, so they used the 25th square technique. even though the person who revealed it denied this situationMany people have believed in this technique and the concept of subliminal messaging for years. They believe in this situation so wholeheartedly that they even managed to convince the states.

The concept of subliminal advertising, which 70% of people believe in, has reached such a frightening level that in 1974 the United States Federal Communications Commission decided to ban subliminal advertising. Even dozens of different countries including our country also complied with this decision and the company banned the company from posting subliminal advertisements. So, do subliminal messages really exist and do they work?

Subliminal message experiments and failed results:

If a person is under the influence of a stimulus for less than 1 millisecond, he cannot perceive it either consciously or subconsciously. Stimulants of 3 milliseconds and above, on the other hand, is perceived as unconscious. Stimuli under the influence of 40-60 milliseconds, on the other hand, exceed the subjective threshold and begin to be perceived by our consciousness.

In the light of all this information, scientists tried to reveal whether the subliminal message method really works. Just like in the 25th square story, people ‘Drink a Coke!’, ‘Eat ice cream!’, ‘Buy that wine brand!’

subliminal like broadcasts containing messages were watched and transmitted.A news channel even showed the word ‘Rats’ for a moment before the word bureaucrat to disparage politician Al Gore.

If the test results if the illuminati did not intervene we can say that all these messages turned out to be useless. None of the experiments conducted yielded results demonstrating that subliminal messages were as effective as thought. In other words, we still do not have tangible data that the 25th square technique and similar subliminal messages directly affect our subconscious.

In all experiments, a target was set to reveal the effect ratio of the subliminal message. According to this target, the 25th frame and similar messages 10 times less effective than expected they became. This means that subliminal ads are even less effective than regular ads. Perhaps they had no effect at all.

25. Why do we believe the square and similar subliminal message rumors?

We think life is kind of boring and people may not want to admit that they buy corn in movie theaters just because it smells good. Instead of a secret organization that rules the world To think that you are manipulating us by giving some hidden messages in cartoons, on money, in movie theaters, in the TV shows and movies we watch, means a much more adventurous life.

Despite everything, we cannot say that there is no subliminal message. Because during sleep Methods such as learning a foreign language, quitting smoking, gaining new habits or quitting can still be effective on many people. However, since no one has data that has been corroborated by experiments, there is no reason to believe in frame 25 and similar subliminal messages.

Even in the experiments that have been done, research has never been done on people who are not under any influence. Those people were already leaning towards something, and the message came just on that. Even with chardollarsar this much improvedmessages are not effective, another reason not to believe in subliminal messages. Maybe what we should be afraid of are the advertisements that say that we will be more attractive if we buy a car, and we will be more mudollar if we drink Coke.

indispensable subject of conspiracy theories. What is the 25th frame technique, does it really work, If we answered questions such as whether the subliminal messages are real, and we talked about the known mistakes. You can share your thoughts about subliminal messages in the comments.

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