Senior commodity trader Peter Brandt congratulated those who invested in altcoins at an early stage and made huge profits so far in a tweet. The analyst, who knows every step of Bitcoin, admitted that he is “an ‘ozor’ in a new game”, referring to his age. He also pointed to a new XRP pattern in his tweet.

Peter Brandt shared XRP chart

In today’s tweet, Peter Brandt congratulated those who have made high profits with altcoins and said that he is an “ozor” in the crypto space. Under this tweet, he shared a screenshot of an XRP chart that shows a “potentially constructive” pattern for the coin. According to the chart, XRP is forming an inverted “head and shoulders” pattern.

https://twitter. com/PeterLBrandt/status/1438275144254906371

Potentially, price action when the head and shoulders (normal or reverse) start to move in the opposite direction; confronted with the reverse movement of being. The head and shoulders pattern of XRP, the sixth largest cryptocurrency, is thought to be an indication that it will start to move in the opposite direction. In this particular case, Brandt says that in the long run, XRP could potentially move up.

Brandt apologizes to altcoin investors

At the very beginning of the tweet thread that finally shared the XRP chart, the trader apologized to all the early altcoin investors that he showed disrespect. He congratulated the investors for a “really well done job” and described them as the best representatives of the next generation of market speculators. The screenshot of the aforementioned XRP chart came in response to a suggestion by Peter that he should “adolescent to the XRP train.”

https://twitter. com/PeterLBrandt/status/1438262956756717575

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As we have previously reported as , Brandt has come to the fore many times by underestimating the currency tied to Ripple. It also urged the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to declare a security long before the regulatory agency filed a lawsuit against Ripple on the same issue in late December 2020. However, the veteran trader and analyst has posted many bullish tweets for XRP this year. XRP is trading at $1.11, up 1.9 percent at the time of writing.

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