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It was certain that the rapid rise of the dollar in the last week would raise many things. When we said that it was a bread hike, and the increase in technological products, the hikes in many taxes and expenses were finally clear.

Like everything else, taxes, fines, passport fees and driver’s license fees were also affected by the dollar. The hikes, which were only a matter of time to be announced, were finally announced. The general price hikes that will come into effect in 2022 will be 36.20%.

Revaluation rate has been determined:

Tax Procedure Law Communiqué published in the Official Gazette announced many hikes that we will face in 2022 . The revaluation rate, which was 9.11 in 2021, became 36.20% this year . This means that the increase rate of many taxes, fees and penalties is 36.20%.

The hikes in traffic fines, passport fees and many other taxes will also hit smart phones, one of the most important issues of our site. The fee of 2,000 Dollars for smartphones brought from abroad will increase to 2 thousand 737 liras with the new regulations . The decision was stated in the Official Gazette with the following expressions:

As it is known, the revaluation rate is determined in October (October) of the year in which the revaluation will be made, in accordance with the paragraph (B) of the repeated article 298 of the Tax Procedure Law No. 213. is the average price increase rate in the Domestic Producer Price Index of the Americas Statistical Institute compared to the same period of the previous year, and this rate must be announced in the Official Gazette by the Treasury and Finance Department. Pursuant to this provision, the revaluation rate has been determined as 36.20% for 2021. This rate will also be applied for the last provisional tax period of 2021. On the other hand, the Communiqués previously published on this subject are also in force. It is communicated.

How will the revaluation rate be reflected in taxes, fees and penalties? Here are the new versions of many fees:

  • Passport feedollarseries 339 Dollars for 6 months, 452 Dollars for 1 year, starting from January 1, It will be given as 738 Dollars for 2 years, 1,048 Dollars for 3 years and 1,477 Dollars for 3 years.
  • Driver’s license fees will increase from 820 Dollars to 1,116 Dollars for Class B driver’s license. Class A driver’s license fee will increase from 272 Dollars to 320 Dollars.
  • The fee for IMEI registration will be determined as 117 Dollars as of 2022. The IMEI fee for the phones brought by the passengers from abroad will increase from 2,000 Dollars to 2,772 Dollars.
  • Motor Vehicle Tax (MTV) from one year old to three years old will be regulated as follows:
    1,051 Dollars-1261 Dollars, 1,431.46 Dollars-1,1717.48 for 1,300cc and below Dollars
    between 1,301 cc – 1,600 cc will be paid as 1.830 Dollars-2.197 Dollars, 2.492.40 Dollars – 2.992.34 Dollars
    4001 cc and above will be paid as 45.932 Dollars-50.107 Dollars, 62.559 Dollars-68,245.74 Dollars.

Updated traffic ticket fees:

  • 166 Dollars: Those who do not have a license, those who put the license plate in a different place
  • 196 Dollars: Those who do not wear seat belts Those who do not comply with parking and stop bans, those who do not comply with the right of way at intersections, those who do not wear helmets, those who do not obey the rules, those who play loud music
  • 392 Dollars: Disabled parking
  • 427 Dollars: Those who use mobile phones while driving, those who go through red lights, those who exceed the speed limit by 30 percent Those who do not have an inspection
  • 607 Dollars: Passengers who prefer pirate taxis
  • 739 Dollars: Those who drive with invalid driver’s licenses
  • 760 Dollars: Those who play with the shape of the plate
  • 826 Dollars: Those who carry dangerous goods without permission
  • 860 Dollars: Those who do not give priority to pedestrians
  • (9800) 712) 1137 Dollars: Those who do not comply with the winter tire rule

  • 1823 Dollars: Those who drink alcohol, those who use flashing lights in their vehicle, those who exceed the speed limit by 50 percent
  • 1823 – 9125 Dollars: Those who carry pirate passengers
  • 3091 Dollars: Those who were caught drunk for the second time
  • 3091 Dollars: Those who use a registered vehicle without a license plate
  • 3674 Dollars: Those who drive without a license
  • 9125 Dollars: Those who ‘spin’ with their vehicle arbitrarily, drift Those who do
  • 9410 Dollars: Those who drive by taking drugs
  • 408 – 502 Dollars: Those who do not comply with the vehicle loading rules

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