After leaving the Chinese technology company Huawei, he continued on his way independently. HONORS, one of the companies experienced in designing cameras and projections. IMAX

announced that it has signed a cooperation agreement with . With the cooperation to be made, a brand new camera performance experience will be offered on HONOR’s smartphones. Moreover, the first example of this cooperation may come to light very soon.

HONOR, Thursday, August 12 will organize an event on the day. At this event, the high-end smartphone called HONOR Magic 3 is expected to be announced. A post made by the company on Weibo is confusing about this phone. Partial coherence with previously leaked images and HONOR’s post on Weibo is what IMAX will develop in Magic 3. of camera technology is a clear indication that it can be used.

HONOR’s post on Weibo is as follows

It is necessary to open a separate parenthesis to the emphasis on IMAX Enhanced in the post made by HONOR. US-based audio technologies company with IMAX DTS, IMAX Enhanced brought movie theater quality to consumers’ theaters. If the industry’s expectations are right and Magic 3 IMAX Enhanced, we can say that the video performance of this smartphone will be unmatched. Because with this technology, 4K HDR content with DTS supported sounds, HDR 10+ will be playable on supported screens.

The previously revealed information for the HONOR Magic 3 is that this smartphone Snapdragon 888 revealed that it will come with the processor. It was also served through the leaked images that the phone, which has high-end features, will have a circular camera setup. Of course, these are just guesses for now, but it will be held on August 12. event seems like it could shake the rocks in the smartphone world.

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