One of the world’s largest furniture retailersIKEA made it a promotional material that Cristiano Ronaldo, which has become the number one agenda in the past few days, eliminated the Coca Cola bottle. Having designed a transparent reusable beverage bottle, the companyCristiano

He named it .

To be frank, the bottle designed by IKEA has no numbers. What makes this bottle special is IKEA’s statement about the bottle. So much so that the company only for drinking water

It says . Sharing the bottle it has released on its Instagram account, IKEA shared this post.Cristiano Ronaldo and tagged “#Euro2020” also used the phrase.

Here is IKEA’s water bottle named Cristiano

IKEA is from the company that knows the rules of capitalism best and plays the game according to its rules. You will have those who remember; Much talked about with Apple’s designMac Pro and a cheese grater after he introduceddesigned by The company managed to reach millions of consumers while making fun of Apple. Here is the bottle named Cristiano completelycome on the agenda and a step taken to reach the consumer.

By the way, if you are familiar with IKEA products this water bottle “Scared“. As a matter of fact, we can say that the price of Cristiano may be close to this product. In this context, the bottle that can be purchased for $ 1.99 in the USA is probably in our country.to 15 Dollars to be purchased.

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