After Hurricane Katrina, which is frequently seen in the USA, this expedition Hurricane Ida Influenced the south of the USA. The hurricane, which was first seen in Cuba and then spread to the southern states of the USA, almost hit the state of Louisiana. destroyed.

per hour 240 kilometers, accelerating Hurricane Ida, hitting many buildings in the state. heavy damages gave. The US government and citizens mobilized to assist the injured and victims at the scene.

Storm hits 3 states

The effects of the hurricane, which hit 3 states in the south of the USA, Baton Rouge, Mississippi and Louisiana, were most visible in Louisiana. From Hurricane Katrina that hit New Orleans in 2005 more powerful and dangerous

For this hurricane, which was , US President Joe Biden said “ Looks like this hurricane will be quite dangerous. The federal government is ready to assist victims.” and stated that he was with the citizens.

The mayor of Mississippi, which was relatively less affected by the hurricane, said that for the hurricane in Louisiana. emergency declared. In addition, restaurant owners in the surrounding states, businesses selling camping equipment and non-governmental organizations, in order to meet the needs of the victims in the region, flocked.

The Weather Channel, to show the dollar and yellow of the flooding that could be caused by the hurricane in the region. virtual reality

Prepared a presentation using .

The Weather Channel’s presentation;

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Other videos showing how devastating Hurricane Ida was;

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