In the keynote session, Huawei released its latest Q3 ecosystem growth figures, showing the rapid expansion of HMS. Huawei has seen all key growth indicators increase, including an overall app volume, registered developers, and monthly active users (MAUs), reaffirming its position as the third-largest global mobile ecosystem.

Huawei helps 5.1 million registered developers connect with over 730 million monthly active users worldwide. The number of applications using HMS rose 81 percent year on year to 173,000. In the first three quarters of this year, AppGallery had 332.2 billion app downloads worldwide, up 13 percent year on year.

Since its global launch in 2018, HUAWEI AppGallery has reached over 560 million global monthly active users, of which 42 million are in Europe. Huawei also has its own core HMS applications with HUAWEI Petal Maps, which currently has 7 million monthly active users in Europe, HUAWEI Petal Search with 32 million monthly active users worldwide, and more than 3000 partners currently active in lists in 20 categories. achieved great gains in the package. The income share of the partners also increased by 62 percent compared to the previous year.

Petal family evolves for consumer needs

The popular Petal app series, including Petal Search, Petal Maps, and Petal Assistant, is constantly being developed with partnerships in verticals such as travel, shopping, and “nearby”. At the conference, updates were shared about Petal Search 2.0, the next generation multi-modal AI search engine, which will provide an innovative search experience in more than 20 different sectors such as news, videos, shopping, flights, local businesses. With ‘Search as a Service’, Huawei will expand Petal Search capabilities through device-side SDK and cloud-side APIs, enabling ecosystem partners to quickly provide the most convenient mobile app search experience. With an average of 8 billion searches per day, Petal Search allows partners to efficiently distribute content to users through Huawei’s proprietary UniBox platform.

From a travel perspective, Petal Maps, present in more than 166 countries and regions and recently awarded the Red Dot Design Award, currently has an estimated 20 million global monthly active users. The latest Petal Maps update is equipped with even more capabilities, including the platform’s high-precision dollar positioning, topographical map display, diversely rendered interactive experiences, in-depth data search, high-quality lane-level navigation, and Map Studio. All of these ultimately provide the end user with an interactive and informative browsing experience.

A Europe-wide agency-conscious partnership program: Huawei Ads

HUAWEI Ads, a real-time advertising marketplace designed for HUAWEI devices, is now open to media agencies and app publishers worldwide. The platform also includes the HUAWEI Ads publisher service series, which allows developers to integrate the HUAWEI Ads kit and earn additional revenue from their apps.

HUAWEI Ads enables advertisers to choose placements across the HUAWEI ecosystem, including direct placements on devices, custom placements in AppGallery, and new search ads in Petal Search and display ads in HUAWEI apps and thousands of third-party apps. Tools like Smart Bidding and Smart Banner, along with one-click install links, give advertisers more control and production capability to maximize their return on investment.

Since its launch in January 2020, HUAWEI Ads’ daily traffic has exceeded 600 million in Europe and is listed as one of the fastest growing platforms in Europe according to the latest report from AppsFlyer. HUAWEI Ads also offers its partners an incentive program for direct advertisers and certified agencies in Europe, including a free trial period, early registration incentives and premium in-device media resources.

New kidollarser to support developer creativity

The Web Summit also announced the newly launched HMS Core 6 developer kidollar series of 69 Kits and 21,738 APIs to support the creation of more competitive functions for applications. All of the HMS Core features will enable developers to build quality apps with contextual and scenario-based solutions across multiple smart devices, including smartphones, tabletdollarser, smart TVs, wearables and audio products. These open capabilities can also be used to build apps that run on Android, HarmonyOS, and iOS using cross-platform development frameworks such as React Native and Cordova.

Huawei reaffirmed its commitment to the spirit of collaboration in all areas of technical innovation by announcing multiple support programs for individual developers in Europe, such as Huawei Student Developer (HSD) and Huawei Developer Group (HDG). These communities work to support other developers in creating new and innovative applications by succeeding in sharing knowledge about emerging technologies.

New partnerships

In 2021, Huawei developed existing and new partnerships with leading brands. HDC. At the Europe event, they showcased their vision and thought leadership in a series of workshops covering all scenario application innovations.

During the workshops, the partners announced their cooperation plans to distribute exclusive content and services to Huawei users. AppGallery and HMS Core innovation (Joom, Vimage, Goodgame) and HUAWEI Ads from the integration of Topics, Petal Search and Maps (iTaxi, Awin, Dott), mobile payment (Curve, Lydia), healthcare (Runtastic, Fifty) and e-commerce and transportation collaboration (NYBA Media, App Samurai and HAVAS Portugal) covers the growing range of applications and services in the Huawei Mobile Hizmedollarser ecosystem.

2021 Q3 monthly active user data

  • HUAWEI AppGallery (Global 560 million; 42 million in Europe)
  • Browser (Global 380 million; 9.2 million in Europe)
  • Cloud (Global 330 million; 30.7 million in Europe)
  • Themes (Global 120 million; 7.9 million in Europe)
  • Petal Maps (Global 20 million; 7 million in Europe)
  • Music (Global 210 million; 10.3 million in Europe)
  • Video (Global 230 million; 14.3 million in Europe)
  • Assistant (Global 360 million; 17.6 million in Europe)
  • Petal Search (Global 32 million; 5.3 million in Europe)

World’s third largest ecosystem (2021 Q3 data)

  • 5.1 million enrollment developers (155% year-over-year growth)
  • 173 thousand HMS Core integrated applications (81 percent year-over-year growth)
  • 560 million AppGallery global monthly active users (12% year-over-year growth)
  • 332.2 billion application distribution between Q1-Q3 2021 (13% year-over-year growth)

Petal Search

  • 3000+ partners
  • More than 20 verticals
  • 550 million E-commerce SKUs

Petal Maps

  • 400 partners
  • 260 million POIs
  • 9.7 million Portal Addresses


  • 150+ industry advertisers
  • 33 thousand Ads Kit integrated application
  • 10x ad inventory growth

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