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Huawei aims to unify users’ digital experience, increase convenience and productivity by creating products to freely connect with each other and collaborate extensively. Huawei realizes this vision with the Super Device feature introduced in the newly launched HUAWEI MateBook E. Super Devices are formed by connecting multiple devices in the Huawei ecosystem. Once this connection is established, the unique functions of each device are modularized and can be used by other devices within the larger group. This allows seamless multi-device collaboration.

Super Device connections are easily established in one of two ways. The products use Pop-up Matching, which automatically detects when the laptop is brought near, causing a pop-up prompt to appear on the laptop screen. For essential devices such as smartphones, tabletdollarser and smart displays, calling the Control Center in the HUAWEI MateBook E’s PC Manager will display icons of compatible devices in range. By dragging the device’s icon over the middle PC icon, both devices will connect wirelessly without cable clutter or multiple pairing steps. Setting these devices as Trusted Devices in your system will automate future connections when both devices are in range of each other and further enhance your connected lifestyle.

Here are some unique ways Huawei Super Devices created by pairing a variety of Huawei devices with the HUAWEI MateBook E can make life easier with technology.

When a Huawei smartphone is connected to a Huawei PC as a Super Device, it appears as an external storage device on the PC, much like other portable flash drives. This immediately gives the user great comfort in being able to freely transfer files back and forth between devices. For example, attaching a picture from the phone to an e-mail prepared on a PC. Multi-Screen Collaboration also allows the user to use the smartphone directly on the PC with the peripherals of the latter, through an interface mirrored on the screen of the computer. This powerful functionality allows the user to work seamlessly between two devices via a single screen, creating great potential to dramatically increase productivity and efficiency both at work and in life. When a Super Device is created between

HUAWEI MateBook E and compatible tabledollarser such as the HUAWEI MatePad 11, users can choose from three connection modes that best suit their needs. Like smartphones, Collaborate Mode allows users to easily transfer files between PC and tablet, breaking the boundaries between Windows and HarmonyOS. 2. Mirror Mode and Extend Mode, Extend Mode turns your tablet’s screen into a second screen, Extend Mode immediately creates twice as much screen space on your computer.

With the HUAWEI MateView smart monitor, users have the flexibility to connect the PC to the monitor via cable or wireless. Huawei’s Cast+ wireless projection protocol provides a secure connection and low-latency screen broadcast while maintaining crystal nedollarsic up to 2.5K resolution supported. Super Device connections provide additional convenience and flexibility in use by allowing users to use peripherals connected to the smart monitor, such as keyboard and mouse, to control the PC.

When compatible ecosystem devices such as HUAWEI FreeBuds, HUAWEI Bluetooth Mouse or HUAWEI Ultrathin Keyboard are brought near the HUAWEI MateBook E, a pop-up window will automatically appear on your laptop. Super Device pairing with these peripherals can be done instantly by clicking the pop-up prompt. While this feature is simple in nature, it saves a significant number of steps in assembling devices and peripherals to create your own technology ecosystem.

Whether you’re working, window shopping, or lingering in a cafe, HUAWEI FreeBuds Series headphones are your ideal device to enjoy music and make hands-free calls while keeping in touch with the world around you. When connected to a Huawei smartphone, the battery status of HUAWEI FreeBuds can be easily monitored from the phone. With the Super Device function, the headphones can be connected simultaneously with your HUAWEI MateBook E and your Huawei smartphone. When you receive a call on the phone, the audio will be intelligently transferred from the laptop to the phone, giving you maximum comfort and minimal interruption in whatever you are currently busy with.

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