We have a new generation monitor that you can connect your phone or laptop to wirelessly or via USB Type-C. Huawei MateView is designed to work with all types of computers. However, of course, the brand also highlights some conveniences for its own devices.

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Design Features

MateView is specially designed for business, office and home use. For those looking for a player monitor, the company also introduced a separate series called MateView GT. We also looked at the general usage scenarios, color quality and details of MateView from this perspective.

It has a magnificent design with its aluminum body and thin bezels. Elegant, thin, takes up little space. The stand has height, forward and backward tilt support. It tilts -5 degrees forward, 18 degrees back and has 110 mm height flexibility.

Huawei, which entered the monitor market later, aimed to attract attention with interesting innovations here and succeeded. The cables are hidden inside the stand and the pordollarsar is placed at the bottom of the stand. 2×5 Watt speakers are also facing the user and are located on the stand.

The OSD, the setting menu, also has a touchscreen control scheme. You move forward by tapping once, navigate by swiping left and right, and return to the previous menu by tapping twice. When you touch while watching a video, you can directly open the volume setting and you can easily turn the volume down by swiping.

Screen And Connection Portollaryellow

Offering more than 4K resolution, MateView has 3840×2560 pixels with 3:2 aspect ratio and its screen is 28.2 inches. The height is higher when we compare it to the classic 4K/3860×2160 and 16:9 displays. This means more visible space, especially when working on websites, vertical mobile content and coding screens. Although the screen is a standard 27 inches wide, it is taller than 27 inches with additional vertical pixels and measures 28.2 inches diagonally.

On the back of the stand, there is a full-size HDMI 2.0, mini DisplayPort, USB Type-C charging port. Plug the USB power adapter into the socket and the monitor. There are two Type-A and one Type-C USB connections on the side. The Type-C port on the side can both charge your laptop with 65 Watts of power, and transfer power and images together on computers with Type-C DP connection.

NFC Link

When you touch the NFC part of the monitor’s stand, you can wirelessly mirror your phone. On Huawei phones, you can mirror the phone screen vertically, as well as use it like a computer in a desktop Windows-like EMUI interface. Meanwhile, the phone becomes a touch controller and a cursor appears on the screen.

However, we recommend connecting a keyboard and mouse in order to work quickly and handle the phone work via MateView. You can connect the keyboard and mouse wirelessly via Bluetooth or take advantage of the two Type-C ports on the side of the stand. This pordollarsar is also very useful when using your laptop with an external keyboard and mouse.

Here are the important details you need to know about wireless image transmission: MateView HSN-CBA version supports wireless transmission. The computer or phone must support Miracast technology to use this function. Miracast is available on many devices, not just Huawei. In this way, you can use your Huawei monitor not only with Huawei phones or computers, but also with many up-to-date hardware.

Color Accuracy

We measured the color gamut at three different color settings: sRGB, DCI-P3 and Natural look. The natural look has a very wide color gamut, good for editing sRGB photos, working on DCI-P3 video. Color gamuts are very wide and vibrant compared to monitors in this class.

In addition, the bright, HDR400 supported MateView can reach up to 500 nits of brightness. It’s a monitor that you’ll like the look of, but the brightness differences between the middle and sides of the panel are a bit large. In other words, the value we call Panel Uniformity is not very high. So while the color and brightness are high, it’s not a professional-grade designer monitor.

It is a very suitable monitor for office work and semi-professional arrangements. You can turn on the low blue light filter, because it is Flicker Free, precautions have been taken against the hidden vibration and sometimes headaches that occur during long use, when the brightness is turned down. It has TÜV Rheinland certification.

Result Evaluation

One important limitation you should know is that HDMI 2.0 has a 50 Hz limitation on this resolution. If you connect it to a desktop PC via DisplayPort this limitation is not there, but there is a constraint here as they use HDMI 2.0.

Again, not every laptop’s Type-C port supports DP Alt Mode and USB Data, that is, image and data transfer. Although it is standard on new Huawei models, the Type-C port of slightly older models only supports charging. In such cases, you need to use HDMI.

Let’s clarify the 10 Bit thing, Native 10 Bit is very difficult in this price range, it is offered as 8 Bit + 2 Bit FRC. You can get this via DisplayPort, we couldn’t change the 8-bit setting on a laptop with a built-in Intel graphics chip in our HDMI connection. However, we recommend that you set 8 bits from your graphics control center on systems where you can set 10 bits.

As a result, we have a monitor, which we can call a perfect fit for mobile application programmers. With its built-in speakers and microphones, you can either attach a keyboard mouse set and use your phone as a computer, or add an additional, high, ergonomic and stylish monitor for your laptop or PC. All in all, the Huawei MateView 28.2, which is a very good monitor in terms of user experience, is a product we highly recommend.

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