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The new MateBook 16, which offers powerful performance with the AMD Ryzen 7 5800H processor, is designed for those who want to run demanding applications, get work done and ensure productivity with their computer.

As soon as you place the laptop on the table and open it, that high screen, more square rate makes itself felt. With a width of 351 mm, a height of 254.9 mm and a thickness of 17.8 mm, the MateBook 16 weighs 1.99 kilograms. Designed in the concept of 16 inches with narrowing bezels instead of 17 inches, the device has the comfort of being a desktop computer alternative on your desk.

We have previously examined Huawei’s MateBook D16 in detail. You can watch his review from the link here .

Display Specifications

16-inch screen with 3:2 ratio 2520×1680 pixels It offers high resolution and a stunning view. Aside from the height difference, the sides, top and even bottom bezels are very, very thin compared to the models we are used to. Its 90 percent screen-to-body ratio, its ability to tilt backwards 120 degrees, and its serdollarsik and stableidollarsik when opening its hinge are all quality indicators.

The 60 Hz refresh rate of the screen is standard, the surface is bright, and the color values ​​are beautiful. With 90.0% sRGB, 67.5% AdobeRGB, 70.0% DCI P3 color gamut, the deviation is low, the color standardollaryellow is high. In fact, a panel that is fun to look at, is very good for both watching videos and doing business is used. Side view, brightness, liveliness, opposition often, overall user experience is also very good. Besides 1500:1 contrast and 300 nits brightness, the screen looks 10 bit under Windows 11. You might think it’s touchscreen because of the glossy screen overlay, but it’s not. On the other hand, I think this brightness has improved the perceived brightness experience of the screen.

Keyboard and Ergonomics

Large Enter key on the keyboard with wide keys and comfortable spaces, There is a large Shift key on the right, a short Shift key on the left, a man on the left and right, the grilles of the powerful speakers, the power button with fingerprint reader at the top right.

A giant and very high quality Touad is located at the front. Case and key feel, surface touch, fine details are successful. The only thing that spoils this front part is etikedollarser, which we can not get rid of in classic Windows laptops.

Hardware Specifications

16 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD, with Radeon graphics card integrated into the processor, it has a very simple, clean and well-configured configuration. . RAM 3200 MHz and dual channel 2×8 GB configuration, soldered. The SSD is Western Digital’s WDC PC SN730 SDBPNTY-512G in the version we reviewed. It’s split into C and D, we’ve expanded it, but you can leave it at the default for recovery space and format convenience. With 1813 MB/s read and 1623 MB’s write in the CrystalDiskMark test, it’s very fast, too fast for a business computer.

AMD’s success in Ryzen series processors has an important place in both the high performance and energy efficiency of this computer. The system, which scored 6240 in the PCMark 10 performance test, is strong enough to remove all kinds of processor-oriented programs and give good performance beyond office work.

In particular, the 5800H processor’s frequency boosting where performance is required and the ability to throttle cores when battery life is needed offers a very successful power/efficiency balance. In fact, the power and energy efficiency of this processor and the last generations in general have increased significantly compared to previous years. If you are using an old computer, the power of the new laptop processors will definitely make itself felt when you switch.

Battery Capacity

14 hours on battery life in PCMark 10 battery work test 17 minutes of office use are by no means comparable to older computers, or even the 1 hour running on battery in their early days. Even if you use it intensively, it may be possible to work out your work with a full charge without any cables.

It is very nice that it has 84 W/H battery. When we look at whether the promise of 3.5 hours of office use with a 15-minute charge is true, we can say that it is more or less correct from the PCMark test. As you know, not every office use is the same.

When you charge it, you leave those old-style cylinder-end devices behind. It comes with a modern 135W adapter with Type-C cable end that charges any device. The white charger and cable are very beautiful, the cable end of the adapter can also be easily changed to suit different countries.

Performance Tests

5800H processor Intel Core with 1373 points in Cinebench R23 single core test It offered similar performance to the 15W configuration of the i7 1165G7, but slightly behind the 28W configuration. In the multi-core test, it achieves a terrific score with a score of 11484.

Most laptop processors are 4-core, those that support Hyperthreag appear to be 8 Threads, but the 5800H is incredibly powerful with 8 physical cores and 16 Threads. Bringing these core numbers to the laptop market, AMD is still very successful with the 5000 series, although new laptop processors are on the way.

Design Features

We also reviewed the MateBook D16, aren’t they both 16? The difference is simple, whatever you say, Huawei has three different laptop product families. One of them is the MateBook X, it has very luxurious chassis and features. The other is the D family, which includes models that are of good quality but particularly competitive in price. Huawei also offers flat MateBook models, with no X or D series, that house the MateBook 16 2022 we reviewed in the middle of the two. We can say that their case and features, as well as fiyadollaryellow, fill the middle segment.

But there is middle, there is middle. Huawei MateBook 16 comes up with the casing quality we see in ultra-luxury Ultrabooks. They did not feel sorry for the metal at all, the durability, the feel of the hinges when opening, the diamond-cut details on the edges of the frames…

When you turn the laptop and look at the fans from the bottom grill, even the quality of the fan leaves is obvious. No, I’m not exaggerating, some things are very clear after examining hundreds of laptops. This case is very high quality, and for many users it will be the best quality, stylish and robust computer they have ever used.

Apple Alternative?

I can picture the comments at this point “There’s a MacBook for this price too!” That’s right, you can get the cheapest and smallest 13-inch Mac at the time of review, at this price. However, the Mac you will buy at this price has half the amount of RAM, half the storage capacity, a much smaller screen, a weaker processor and narrower hardware scope. Also, due to ARM, the new M1 Macs do not yet have native Windows operating system support.

Even though the new Apple computers have been very popular lately, we can say that they are not preferred by roughly three quarters of the users by looking at their Windows/Mac market shares. On the other hand, we can express it in the opposite way because there are users who love and prefer every system, and this is not a match or a war. You have to choose the system that will work for you and get it. As a result, the pros and cons of both systems are discussed, but we can say that they are completely unrelated computers, except for the name and metallic case similarities.

What Are Its Weaknesses?

Is everything about the device satisfactory in general? Is it perfect? Is there anything wrong with it? Of course there is. First of all, it’s nice that the built-in Vega GPU can play intermittent gaming at 720p or 1080p low settings, but is it enough? No, why not offer better integrated GPU performance. For applications that require heavy GPU processing capabilities, a system with a powerful CPU alone is still not enough. Most laptops are like this, not just the MateBook.

So for 3D and engineering we still recommend laptops with at least RTX 3060 or similar power and discrete GPU memory. Opening many heavy engineering applications without discrete GPU memory on a laptop with 4GB or 8GB of RAM is a pain, we can say that it is possible in 16GB memory but not ideal. For very heavy work, we recommend a workstation or desktop PC with 32GB of RAM and beyond in 2022.

Type-C portollars are both on the left and we also saw 400MB/s read speeds by connecting external SSDs, but unfortunately they are not Thunderbolt supported. TB is common in Huawei’s Intel laptops, but TB is not so common in Type-C USBs in AMD Ryzen models. The USB 3.0 Type-A on the right, that is, the classic two USB ports, is very stable, but the Type-C, which we can use as the power input on the left for external SSDs, is not always stable. Again, this is due to the AMD USB controller. Even when starting the system for the first time, I felt a strange hang in the system. To solve this, I first did all the Windows 11 updates and made sure that every update was installed from Huawei PC Manager.

Problem As Recep always says, Chipset Driver, that is AMD chipset driver, is out. After going all the way to the BIOS, I downloaded this driver update, which we can call the simplest but most important, from the AMD site, and all the stuttering and derdollarser designs are over. The system took flight and worked perfectly and responsively. How come these drivers can affect power saving and performance settings, so your update is extra important on every AMD system. I downloaded and installed the current version dated 3/14/2022 from the AMD Ryzen and Athlon Mobile Chipset Drivers & Support page, and I can say that the system found itself after this 53 MB update.

Software Features

The system also has some nice Huawei-exclusive extras. Aside from the Chipset Driver, Windows 11 and Huawei PC Manager in general can handle almost the entire update job very successfully. Except for one or two such errors, it is possible to get a very good user experience on most MateBook computers without dealing with the details.

Huawei is also developing rapidly in terms of integration with its own mobile devices, wireless data transfer, collaboration, even cloud, calling and software features. Today, it is possible to say that the company’s own service series, in addition to its collaborations with Intel, AMD, Microsoft, are in the PC world without any problems and in universal standards.


Another feature that HUAWEI announced in the past few weeks is PC. It was HUAWEI Mobile Cloud support for . The MateBook 16 model also has this support. With this new feature, PC users can now securely store their files in an encrypted cloud storage directly from their PC and access them anytime, anywhere.

With the new feature of the version of HUAWEI Mobile Cloud that can also be installed on PCs, users can benefit from cross-device and live synchronization capabilities through a single login using HUAWEI ID. With features like card-based design and real-time data synchronization between devices, users can quickly search and access recent file folders and even URL links. Its secure storage features use device-side and forward encryption for data security and integrity, ensuring that only users can access data with the correct credentials.

The company’s new cloud storage service syncs across a user’s devices so files can be securely stored, accessed or browsed in real-time from any location or device. HUAWEI offers a variety of additional features to ensure the user experience is smooth and intuitive.


The Webcam, hidden inside the keyboard, allows to physically cover the camera for those who are sensitive about privacy and is a nice feature. However, since it pulled you from the bottom at the meeting, many new Huawei MateBook cases have now started to switch to the classic high position camera above the screen.

You can look at these other MateBook cases to get the camera at eye level at the meeting, but if you don’t mind the low angle or you’re going to use it with a riser, the default camera image quality of the MateBook 16 is good for a laptop.

Result Evaluation

Huawei made a good campaign on the first review date. Huawei MateView GT 27 inch monitor and Bluetooth mouse, including the MateBook 16 2022 model, which debuted at 21,999 Dollars, is a computer that will really please its users with its large screen, powerful processor and very high quality chassis. The monitor campaign at the exit price also solves the need for 27-inch monitors directly at home or in the office.

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