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As of 19:00 on April 29, a full 17-day closure period began across America. COVID-19

With this decision taken to stop the upward trend of the epidemic within the scope of the measures taken against , we will all be at our homes unless we have to. In this process, we will not be in different places except for our compulsory needs that we will realize near our homes.

In this period when we are closed to our homes, many people will turn to online shopping. The products we buy are also shipping companies. At this point, are there any specific actions taken by cargo companies for closure? For you today “ Are there any new decisions America’s leading shipping companies have taken to reach out and close? How will the working days be? “We asked some questions and got information.

There are many important questions we asked, but the most important one was what we had to do to reach the cargoes that did not reach our distribution once they were delivered. Because We will not be able to go outside of our home and our own small space for 17 days. In the past, we could go to the branch and pick it up even if the cargo did not reach us, but there is no such opportunity for a large part of the society in this process. In our interviews, we see that cargo companies fail in this regard. Let’s take a closer look at how cargo companies will follow during the closing period.

Aras Kargo

Aras Kargo continues its measures for the pandemic period. At this point, there are sterilization studies in the branch, where the staff pay attention to social distance, protect themselves from the virus. All the precautions taken by Aras Kargo within the scope of COVID-19 from here.

In the interview we made with Aras Kargo regarding the closure period, we saw that no new changes were made in the system. Aras Kargo is distributed once by cargo and in this process leaves the cargo to the branch if the buyer cannot be reached. If nobody receives the cargo waiting for 3 working days, it is returned to the sender. If you reach Aras Kargo in this process, they can redistribute your cargo for an additional fee.

When we look at the working schedule of Aras Kargo, we see that it is on leave on May 1. Apart from that, we continue to work half day on Saturdays, while on Sundays it is a holiday. No statement has yet been made as to whether or not to work.

MNG Cargo

Another big company of our country MNG Cargo is one of the companies that will work with full performance during the pandemic period. According to the information we obtained from MNG Kargo, the cargo is distributed once and if the recipient cannot be reached, it is left to the branch. If you reach MNG Kargo in this process, you can ensure that the cargo is redistributed for an additional fee.

In addition, MNG Cargo announced that they are closed on May 1, and they complete the week with a half day on Saturday and a day off on Sundays on normal days. There is no information about whether MNG Kargo will work or not yet.


There is no branch AllJet, therefore, has become one of the most suitable cargo companies to close. In HepsJet, the cargo is distributed once and if it cannot be reached on the first day, it is redistributed for the second time. If delivery cannot be provided in either of these two days, the cargo is returned directly to the sender without waiting. After calling on the phone and learning about its permissible status before it is distributed, HepsJet seems to be one of the most successful cargo companies in the period of closing.

While they continue to work on Saturdays on the weekends, they don’t provide shipping on Sundays. Continuous shipping will continue to be provided except for the first day during the holiday.

Speed ​​Cargo

Speed ​​Cargo serves as the first cargo company to achieve TVRM COVID-19 certification with the measures taken against COVID-19. When we look at the shipping schedule of the shipping company, the buyer has a right for distribution. In other words, the cargo that reaches the branch in Sürat Cargo is distributed once and if the recipient cannot be reached at this stage, the cargo is sent back to the person or company that made the shipment after it is kept in the company for 3 business days.

Sürat Cargo also continues to serve as a half day on Saturday and a day off on Sunday. The company’s employees will be on leave on May 1.

PTT Cargo

Within the scope of the closing, it will remain open between 09.00 – 16.00 hours. PTT Cargo delivers the cargo once. If the recipient cannot be reached in this distribution, the cargo is waiting in the branch for 10 working days and then returned to the sender. PTT Kargo continues its courier deliveries on Saturdays and Sundays.

Domestic Shipping

Domestic Shipping

When we look at , we see that many other cargo companies continue to work with similar procedures applied. The firm distributes the cargo that arrives at the branch once and holds it in the branch for 3 working days if the recipient cannot be reached. If the receiver does not come to collect his cargo during this process, the cargo is returned to the sender. During our meeting, we learned that Yurtiçi Kargo does not offer redistribution if there are additional charges, but that local branches can make redistribution at their own discretion.

Yurtiçi Kargo will be on leave on May 1, normally it works half a day on Saturdays and it is completely off on Sundays. There is no information about the holiday yet.

Apart from these cargo companies, another cargo company serving our country UPS Cargo or we tried to reach it, but we could not reach the cargo company as a result of our search efforts that lasted half an hour.

Yes, we tried to convey to you what kind of shipping process the cargo companies will be in the upcoming period. Do not neglect to share your thoughts and comments with us.

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