Let’s say there is a problem on a family member, friend or colleague’s computer that only you can solve using that computer, but you are quite far from there. Instead of having to fight hard by trying to explain the solution on the phone. Safely and easily using AnyDesk you can connect to this computer and perform any operation you want.

Remote desktop access programs such as AnyDesk do not reassure many people. After all, you are giving control of your computer to someone else. However AnyDesk gives full confidence to the user in this regard, because the access permission is in your hands and it is possible to restrict the access activitydollar series as you wish. Allows you to remotely access a computer connected to the Internet What is AnyDesk and how to use it let’s take a closer look at it.

What is AnyDesk that provides remote desktop access?

AnyDesk,to a computer far away from you, maybe on another continent is a program that allows you to access it as if it were in front of you.AnyDesk, which must be installed on both the accessing and the accessed computer, can be easily used on all devices as it is only 3 MB.

With AnyDesk, you can access all Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, Linux, FreeBSD, Raspberry Pi and Chrome OS devices. To access a computer, you and that computer must be connected to the Internet. You need to know AnyDesk number and just confirm access.

How to use AnyDesk?

  • Step #1:Download AnyDesk from here and complete the installation.
  • Step #2:Make sure the computer you want to access has also downloaded AnyDesk and completed the installation.
  • Step #3:Type the number of the computer you want to access and submit a request.
  • Step #4:The owner of the computer you want to access needs to approve this request.
  • Step #5:A link will be provided after approval.
  • Step #6:To disconnect Disconnect

    Just click the button.

  • Step #7:Operation done.

With AnyDesk, it’s that easy to connect to any computer with AnyDesk installed with an internet connection. You need to know the AnyDesk number of the computer you want to access for the connection, and get access confirmationextremely important. If they are not there, there is no way for you to access that computer in any way.

After downloading the AnyDesk program, which is only 3 MB, and making a short installation, the program will already guide you. For security reasons, It is recommended that you do not allow it to access your computer. If necessary, you can restrict or block the participant.

Features you can use with AnyDesk:

  • You can view and edit your network of computers with AnyDesk installed.
  • You can easily access the most accessed devices.
  • You can view the devices you have recently accessed.
  • You can contact the owner of the computer you are accessing from the chat window on AnyDesk.
  • You can draw on the whiteboard.
  • You can change the control.
  • You can block users.
  • With AnyDesk, you can limit what a user can do when accessing your computer.

Here are the basic features you can use when you want to connect to a computer with AnyDesk. Except for professional use AnyDesk is completely free. It is extremely safe compared to similar ones, as it gives many privileges to the owner of the accessed computer. It also draws attention because it offers the opportunity to use all these features extremely quickly.

Is it possible to connect with AnyDesk without permission?

Yes it is possible but don’t worry how the unauthorized connection will be is also under your control.For example, you are at work and you want to access your computer at home, but no one is at home. At this point, you can use the unauthorized connection method that you have previously determined.

Instead of manual permission by editing the security settings of the computer you want to access without permission. one password or two factor authentication you can assign. Thus, when you want to access a computer remotely, you can enter the password instead of manually giving permission, or you can connect with a password sent to your e-mail address or mobile phone.

How do you limit AnyDesk participant?

Let’s say there is a problem with your computer at your workplace, and the IT specialist will solve this problem by connecting to AnyDesk remotely. However you also have personal files on the computer and you don’t want them to be seen by anyone else. At this point, it is possible to limit the accessing person as you wish.

When the connection with AnyDesk is established, a screen will appear. Just like the control system of Android devices, you can access your computer via this screen. Which files or features the connected person can and cannot access you can check it with one click. If the connected person is not a relative of yours, it is recommended to restrict camera, microphone and file access.

Provides remote desktop access What is AnyDesk and how to use it and we talked about the details you need to know about this program. If you have used AnyDesk before, you can share your thoughts about the program in the comments.

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