As you know, Google Pixel models are not sold in our country. We explained why it was not sold in our article here. Considering Android users who say we can’t buy the phone, at least let’s use its interface, Google; on Google Play Store Google presents the Pixel Launcher launcher. Google Pixel Launcher you can use the Google Pixel interface on your smartphones with Android operating system.

Google Pixel Launcher,was only available as APK for a long time. However, for a while now, it can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store. All you have to do after downloading this launcher is to set it as default. Next is the Google Pixel interface. Bride What is Google Pixel Launcher, how to install it Let’s examine in detail the answers to the questions like .

What is Google Pixel Launcher?

All devices come with a launcher. The launcher of devices with Android operating system is either Google Now or a launcher developed by the device brand itself. Google Pixel Launcher is by Google, Developed for Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL models is a launcher.

Initiator in its broadest definition provides an interface.With this interface, you can benefit from the features offered by the operating system and the mobile applications installed on your device. By installing Google Pixel Launcher, you can use your device like a Google Pixel regardless of brand and model.

How to install Google Pixel Launcher?

  • Step #1:Download Google Pixel Launcher to your device from here.
  • Step #2: Settings

    Open page.

  • Step #3: Apps

    Open page.

  • Step #4:Tapping the gear wheel button Settings

    Open the screen.

  • Step #5: Home App

    Tap .

  • Step #6:Select Google Pixel Launcher as the launcher.
  • Step #7:You may need to reboot the device.
  • Step #8:Operation done.

To use your smartphone interface with Android operating system as Google Pixel, just follow these steps. in the steps although the page names vary according to the brand and modelThe important thing is to find the device’s launcher settings and change the launcher used.

If you are using one of the Android phones released in recent years You may not need to download Google Pixel Launcher.Because some of the latest models come with Google Pixel Launcher installed. All you have to do is choose this launcher as default. Enjoyable experience with the post-Google Pixel interface.

Why should I use Google Pixel Launcher?

To be frank, Google Pixel Launcher is not a very good starter. It is even possible to reach a much more pleasant interface by using different themes offered by the device brand. However, people always want what they can’t reach, Google Pixel Launcher also gives the Google Pixel interface that we can’t reach.

After selecting the Google Pixel Launcher launcher as default some settings such as weather and app recommendations you may need to re-edit. If you’re used to your device’s own interface, the Google Pixel Launcher may seem a little weak at first. But as you explore the customization options, you might get used to what this launcher has to offer.

Other launchers you can choose:

  • Action Launcher
  • Apex Launcher
  • Nova Launcher

Customize everything: Action Launcher

Action Launcher; Custom wallpapers with Quickthemeyellow, Customizable Google search bar with Quickbar, Cover with customizable folders, It offers widgets that you can create yourself with Shutter, and special application listings with Quickdrawer. Available on both phones and tablets, Action Launcher allows Android users to see exactly what they want to see on the screen.

Ensure ultimate security: Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher offers its users the opportunity to design a completely different interface with hundreds of different themes and application icon options, but this is not its prominent feature. Apex Launcher, available on your device allows you to encrypt each mobile application.If you wish, you can maximize your security level by creating unique passwords for each application.

Destroy grid layout e: Nova Launcher

You have to place the app icons and widgets on your Android phone according to a certain grid layout. Nova Launcher removes this requirement and allows Android users to allows them to organize their screen according to their taste. With the special komudollarsar feature, you can assign functions to your screen touches and categorize your mobile applications so that everything you are looking for is at your fingertips.

Allows you to use the Google Pixel interface on your Android phone. What is Google Pixel Launcher and how to use it and we talked about alternative starters. If you are using Google Pixel Launcher, you can share your user experience and thoughts in the comments.

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