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As of Thursday evening, we entered a closing period that will last 19 days. If the closure was done at the beginning or in the middle of the pandemic, maybe psychologically more robust we could have entered this process, but the ever-increasing cases, curfews after 19:00, etc. our already sloppy psychology started to deteriorate more and more.

The list of things to do during the quarantine period is increasingly recommended. to consume we started. We have so far turned to various hobbies, something new, but there was something we missed; our mental health. Being mudollar is the biggest factor that will mentally keep us safe from this quarantine, and we are the most contributing dopamine, Let’s concentrate a little bit on how to increase it naturally during the 19-day closure period.

Why is dopamine so important?

Dopamine, our brain can produce its own tick, most influencing how we feel is one of the chemicals. In fact, these two chemicals, along with his best friend serotonin, mudollarity hormones

They are referred to as . Dopamine can be taken from outside through supplements and medicines, but it is also possible to increase dopamine levels in a completely natural way without ever going down this path.

Increasing dopamine levels comes with many things that will be beneficial for our health. For example, to lose weight in a healthy way, to feel more alive, to strengthen our memory and to prevent depression our biggest weapon, dopamine secreted by our brain. By increasing the dopamine level, it will be much easier to achieve all of these, so that we both have a healthy life and make ourselves muddy.

Eat plenty of foods such as watermelon, beetroot and salmon

Although we are not very aware the things we eat and drink has a powerful connection to how we feel and think during the day. For example, if you remember that directly related to the IQ level to increase gray matter It was necessary to consume foods rich in omega-3. Also to increase dopamine level again, we can consume a variety of vegetables, fruits and derivatives.

The foods that cause dopamine release have one thing in common; tyrosine. One amino acid type

Among the foods containing tyrosine are the following; beetroot, apple, pumpkin seeds, salmon, banana, strawberry, almond, dark chocolate and avocado.

Besides all these nutrients, your body needs plenty of quality protein.

It doesn’t really end up counting the benefits of protein in the right ratio. In addition to its ability to grow and develop cells, strengthen muscles and prevent anemia protein and dopamine release Leads.

I don’t think we need to count protein foods, but let’s go over it anyway. Milk and dairy products, eggs, red and white meat are among the foods with the highest protein level. People who prefer vegan diets surprisingly have a diet rich in protein. broad beans and soybeans.

Open the glass curtain, have a nice exercise

I’m sure you started seeing the sport or exercise suggestion every time you open the internet, even you are bored with this situation. Although it sounds like a cliché, regular exercise, to increase dopamine level plays an important role.

I said open the glass curtain because in this period we will only spend at home to get plenty of oxygen we will need it. Regular exercises that you make a routine will not only increase dopamine but also make you feel muddy also causes serotonin and endorphin release.

Great if you have an interest in instrumental music!

It is true that music has a direct connection to mudollarlık. Have you ever wondered how music can instantly bring us back even when our mood is very low? Music is the pleasure center of our brain. nucleus accumbens takes action and from then on high rate dopamine begins to be secreted.

Of course, we will continue to work even though we are at home during the shutdown process. So instead of singing lyrics instrumental style music

Choosing will both increase dopamine and prevent distraction.

It will sound like a cliché again, but still give the hobby a chance

During the pandemic period of more than a year and a half, we did not have a struggle to absorb ourselves. Some of us buy paint furniture completely overhauled, some of us started to make macrame designs with thick threads.

These hobbies have come and gone for most of us. Now that we have plenty of time, that we can make it more permanent, will be useful after the pandemic is over We can aim to do hobbies. These hobbies not only help pass time but also

Because is something we can do fondly will cause dopamine release in our brain.

Stay away from saturated fat

It has long been known that saturated fats are harmful. Saturated fat, which causes an increase in LDL called bad cholesterol and clogging of the arteries, type 2 diabetes mellitus may cause. In addition to all these, saturated fats also affect the release of dopamine and in a way prevent the secretion of this chemical by the brain.

Butter, margarine, and coconut oil are among the fats with the highest saturated fat. Therefore to protect both your health and dopamine levels It is useful to stay away from such oils.

Spend 30 minutes every day to meditate.

Certainly what my mind will need in these difficult and boring days is definitely calm down. Thanks to meditation, you will cleanse your mind, concentrate within yourself and be free of worries in your mind. Moreover, the tool for meditation, even the need to put your body in a certain shape wouldn’t even be. You can spend 30 minutes of meditation sitting, lying or standing as you wish.

According to the data shared on the website of the scientific articles PubMed, people who lie down and meditate for 1 hour have dopamine levels. 64% increase observed. Of course, meditating for 1 hour a day can be challenging, but you still can long-term and regular meditation

Try to do .

Consume caffeine without exaggeration

The benefits and harms of caffeine have long been a hot topic. In some cases which makes the mind work much more efficiently Caffeine can also be harmful in some cases. Despite all this benefit-harm conflict, consuming coffee and tea with caffeine, to our brain’s secretion of extra dopamine Leads.

Of course, tea and coffee-style drinks have become a routine of our daily lives, but too much caffeine

It should not be forgotten that will cause difficulties especially in dopamine. After all, the more we cause something to be secreted too much, our brains are equally deprivation will.

Reward yourself with a massage

Of course, there is nothing more enjoyable than ending a tiring day with a massage. Of course, if there is someone with us to massage us tirelessly. Massage is something that is good for all of us, without realizing benefit or harm, but the dopamine level in our brain enhancement becomes an advantage in itself.

Again, according to a scientific article published in PubMed, getting a massage is the main reasons why we are mudollar. to a much greater secretion of dopamine and serotonin. Leads. If you are alone at home, there is no need to undertake a tiring back or shoulder massage. Just massage you can make to your feet even with a baby oil, will both hurt you and increase your dopamine level.


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