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Emulation software focuses on how the hardware responds to the commands rather than the electronics. Since some systems are very complicated, frequent communication is required between the hardware that provides the emulation, and PlayStation 3 is among these systems. Although RPCS3 has algorithms to reduce this load, good hardware and well-configured firmware that can manage the hardware are required for a good emulation experience in general. Don’t forget to have your tea and coffee ready, because we will have a technical chat and reduce the number of questions in your mind as much as possible!

There are two reasons why RPCS3 requires high memory performance.

  1. Cell processor emulation: The access of the SPU (it can be called the “SIMD” extension of the “Cell” processor) to the main memory instead of the processor to speed upDMA (Direct Memory Access) is done through the controller. Thishard to emulate, because there is no DMA system in x86 architecture where RPCS3 is running as a target. on x86 systems

    using (mtag101705) processor a specific access memory address is provided.

  2. RSX GPU emulation.

RSX memory operations inside RPCS3 itselfdownload

(mtag101706) anddownload (download

(mtag101706) andupload) is divided into two. Installation process; skins, shader codes

data like moving from CPU to GPU process. This installation processGPU driver

by asynchronous

(mtag101706) andintensely stacking (batching) is taken care of. Too much data being movedPCI-E bandwidth (bandwidth) is being used. The RPCS3 team aims not to make users feel this.continues to work but this operationIn the architecture of the RSX chip because it is mandatory. your memoriesfast if not

(mtag101706) oran old version of PCI-E you can feel this lag.

The download process is the reverse of the installation process,GPU to CPU attempting to transfer data. In this process, unfortunately, the memory lag cannot be covered too much. Most of the time GPU memory is allocated by the processor.without warning is being reached. Thus, we expect the GPU to give the information we want to the processor and receive a response over PCI-E. Some games evendata they won’t need they write to memory, which means more latency. Therefore, by default in RPCS3 “Bufferoptions” setting is disabled and makes it behave as if nothing happened at that memory address.

When your GPU usage is high, turn the RPCS3 not to use would be better. Your GPU may not be able to keep up with these asynchronous accesses and as a resultlowperformance

You can get . In other words, it is useful to have an RCPS3 emulator for the application that uses the video card alone in the system.

The RPCS3 team is a betterfrom memory estimation algorithm is talking about. If this algorithm can be implemented, the processor will have access toguess memory block preinstalled GPU commands will make it ready, which is for us usersperformance

It will be reflected as . On the other hand, it should be noted that you can reduce this delay thanks to Resizable BAR (or Smart Access Memory) technology.

Since we are theoretically informed, we can put this knowledge into practice by comparison. Let’s first stage the benchmarked configurations:

AIDA64 profile before configuration.

AIDA64 profile after configuration.

Fine touches such as manually setting memory or activating XMP are not only on RPCS3,in all apps will be very useful for you. thusdelaycan reduce

(mtag101706) and bandwidth you can increase it. (Note the difference between the minimum and maximum FPS values. ):

After configuration Pre-configuration

(You can open the images in a new tab to enlarge. )

Some people even know which version of PCI-e they are using.don’t know, and hencespeeddrops they are alive. In fact, this criterion is the difference between the processor and the GPU.communicationspeed specifies. The more current the PCI-E version is, the greater the bandwidth. Thus, data transfers between GPU and processor,faster is happening.

PCI-E 1.1 x16 PCI-E 2.0 x16 PCI-E 3.0 x16

The fact that the PCI-E version is up to date is not only on RPCS3,in most games

(mtag101705) to workthat you

Let’s specify . “Horizon: Zero Dawn” PC port with GPUin constant communication, the update of the PCI-e standard will affect your gaming experience.

RPCS3, computers pushing the limits

A known app with . When it comes to overclocking, the performance of the RPCS3 is also increasing, as expected. But on an Intel processor with Sandy Bridge or higher, most usersringbus overclocking doesn’t know.

L3 cache is also used frequently, due to high memory usage in RPCS3. That’s whyringbusfrequency

increase ,transfer bandwidth will increase it. This is usFPS

as will return.

48x Cache 40x Cache

Also RPCS3’sFrom AVX command sedollarseries should be noted. Users who disable AVX command sedollarseries and overclockperformance drop will survive.

What is this “ringbus”?

In pre-Sandy Bridge Intel processors, each corecustom L3 cache links had it. This is about approx.1000 lines meant taking up more space. With the increasing need for L3 memory, this approach has become even morenot good observed.

Visualization of the Ringbus system.

In addition to Sandy Bridge architecture, Intel, GPU and video sharing L3 memorytranscodingengine put it. Rather than connecting about 1000 more lines, Intelringbus system got the job done. Thus, Intela common line

on processor core

(mtag101706) andtranscodingengine

Components such as connected the series.

What should AMD users do?

Yes, like Intel, AMD does not have a ringbus system. Because the patent for the ringbus technology is in the hands of Intel.

On AMD processors, “Infinity Fabric

There is an alternative technology called ““. Components such as DRAM controller, PCI-E controller are cooldelay

(mtag101706) andbandwidth this technology is controlling. Infinity Fabric, can be configured and with memory speed as speed 1:1 ratio workoptimal stability and performance setting. In some cases, it may not work at a 1:1 ratio, which can increase the latency. But at memory speeds above 3600 MHzfrom stabilitywith concession it is possible to achieve a general performance.

As many of us remember, Meltdown and Specter vulnerabilities took the hardware world by storm in early 2018. Some features that make modern processors run fasterwas found open, hence these featuresfor the safety of users had been disabled. It is an undeniable fact that it is a very good step for user security. But for people who want more performance, the performance drop is annoying.

The performance of RPCS3 has also decreased as a result of this process, just like other applications. You can see the difference in performance in the images below.

Protection on Protection off


(mtag101706) andnext generation Intel machines from the above mentioned vulnerabilitiesfrom only one is affected as a footnote. In addition, as Technopat, we want to turn off these protections.we do not recommend and only for your mind let us tell you that we have provided this information.

In the pictures belowmemory

(mtag101706) andcache (ringbus) you can see the increase after increasing the frequencies.

Before optimization Post optimization

We talked about how you can increase your emulation performance without making hardware changes. If your processor does not affect your emulation performanceif it keeps low, on which processor we can getquestion mark we can fix it.

In fact, this question has been answered on RPCS3’s own site. But these features are not the same as RPCS3’s.in compatibility list is recommended for games. If you are not listed on this list,playable If you want to play the games you think of; when buying a new processor benefit:

  • How many logical processors (thread) exists?
  • How about single core performance?
  • The games you want to playto TSX does it need?

RPCS3 in the processor “multithreag” is an application that frequently uses the feature. So much so that up to 16 threads on their site. stoutly it says it can use. But going over 16 threadsdidn’t notice much observed. If in such a casesingle core performance becomes a bigger benchmark. Also, let us remind you that 16 threads are not a necessity; eg for RDR and some other games8 cores/8 threads from a processor8 cores/16 threads switching to a processor won’t make a big difference.

Transactional Synchronization Extensions (TSX) is an instruction set that adds the transactional memory set to hardware. So TSX command sedollarseries to a part of memoryafter accessing allows us to resume a transactionallows but another process (or other thread) to the same memoryif access, changes in memory from previous commitis ignored. In short, TSX is the “mutex” system.hardware accelerated state.

When thread checking is not done, “race condition” may occur. So computerdo two jobs at the same time tries to do it together. Since there is no such thing in the nature of the computerissues appears. That’s why thread control should be done. TSX command sedollarseries these controls at hardware level for givingvery quickly we can do thread control.

Although the TSX looks very nice, the aforementionedsecurity vulnerabilities resultmust be cropped left. It has a TSX supported processor.Meltdown

(mtag101706) andSpectre vulnerabilities, users who receive the protection update, RPCS3’s emulator logs in the second line “TSX-FA”. This is also “Force abortion“, soforced stop

It stands for . As we mentioned earlier, TSX saves some of the memory. and later allows us to continue the process allows another process (thread) to address the same memory address if it modifies previous mod ignores.

If the forced ignore situation isopen anti microcode this commit not allowing

It is due to . Even as the counts of ignoring increase,decrease in performance is looming. This situation is applied by the developer named Nekotekina.Fallback Path” mostly fixed. In this way, when there are too many ignoring situations, the RPCS3 emulator will use the hardware mutex systemTSX extensions insteadsoftware mutex is switching to the system.

Microcode update of course

(mtag101705) you can undo, but against vulnerabilitiesthat you will be unprotected let’s remind you.

The patent for TSX technology is also in the hands of Intel. AMD was onceASF with an alternative technology called Intel’s TSX.would be head over heels but that didn’t happen. Especially on TSX

(mtag101705) impact of vulnerabilities plays a big role in this case. Also, the RPCS3 developer nicknamed “elad335” changed some things in RPCS3. Thus, there is not as much performance difference between non-TSX processors and those as before. Migration to TSX now bringsperformance

(mtag101706) andstability

thanks optional has become.

The vast majority of games are TSX not required but for most popular games the use of TSX can be considered mandatory. For example, in games such as God of War III, God of War Ascension, Uncharted 2/3 and The Last of UsTSX instruction set is frequently used. In these games when TSX is notfreeze

(mtag101706) and

(mtag101705) crash problems occur frequently. This is naturally a problem for users who do not have the TSX command set.concern can wake it up. But in RPCS3 “Accurate RSX Reservations” setting also sets the TSX instruction set. can emulate. This is obviously as good as the TSX in terms of performancenon-fast is a method, but as we mentioned, in games that use TSX frequently, you canstability will save. In addition, the developer with the nickname “kd-11”better aTSX emulation as a footnote.

TSX is off, legacy TSX emulation method is on TSX is off, new emulation method is on TSX on

For CPU users who don’t have TSXnew method was very good in our opinion. Especially in Intel’s 10th generationremoving TSX

Considering , this method will still be useful in the future.

On the RPCS3 Discord server, the processors used by userscomparison and people who buy new processorsresolved question marks a volunteerbenchmark test made. The graph that came out as a result of this test was as follows:

Comparison of processors in Red Dead Redemption game.

The following settings are used in this tesdollarser:

  • Operating system: Windows 10 2004
  • SPU Loop Detection (SPU Loop Detection): Disabled
  • SPU Block Size: Mega
  • Anti-Aliasing: Disabled
  • Renderer: Vulcan
  • Relaxed ZCull: Active
  • Sleep Timers Accuracy: Same as host
  • VBlank: 120 Hz (Active to exceed 30 FPS limit. )

Most people know how the Ryzen 9 3950X double the number of cores

(mtag101706) andcache size although Ryzen 7 3800X lagging behind is curious. The reason for this is that the 3950X has the same “Threadripper” processors.multiple die” is the dominance of a design. This is why there is a lag between cores.

The rumors that a Threadripper in the jungle had four Ryzen 7 powers were true!

Unlike other software, in RPCS3 virtualPPU

(mtag101706) andSPU threads constantlyin contact, these threads must be in different die’s.a big bottleneck. Therefore have 3 or 4 cores per die

Using Ryzen processors is not recommended by RPCS3 unless .

Recommended Ryzen processors are; RPCS3, PPU and SPU threadsto a single die is recommended considering that it can fit. Thus, delay is prevented. Although other Ryzen processors are no longerpreventing though, still for RPCS3a big bottleneck

It means . Also, Microsoft’s 1903 version of Windows 10 for Ryzen processors.multitasking schedulerupdated let’s remind you.

Intel processors do not have such a latency problem, because Intel processorssingle die

It’s designed to work on . In addition, the single-core performance of Intel processorshigher, why are they usually equivalent processors on the AMD side? passed we can understand better.

die on i7 8700K processor.

However, the 5 FPS difference between the i9 9900KS and the i9 9900K is mostly from clock speed

Although because of ,larger cache size andfaster memories is effective in creating this difference. You can see above that Red Dead Redemption loves such details.


In this article, we will tell you about RPCS3.emulation performance how that you can increase we explained with technical details and it is a must read for Technopatsvery enjoyable a post appeared! You can ask any question you have on Technopat Social, if there is anything you want to add.comments

You can meet us at !

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