Upgrade to Windows 11 operating system has been possible for some time. However, some problems during the installation process started to be reported. Microsoft has already acknowledged at least three known issues with Windows 11. It looks like there are more installation issues affecting a user group.

Judging by the information from Windows users, some users are unable to upgrade via the Installation Assistant and encounter the “0x8007007f” error. The root cause of this issue seems to be related to Windows 10 UAC permission for installer, storage and drivers. Fortunately there are some workarounds for this problem.

How To Fix Windows 11 “0x8007007f” Error?

For most users, running the Setup Assistant as an administrator can resolve the error. It’s also possible that the error message is related to certain drivers being installed. To clear the 0x8007007 error, you can reboot the device or restart the installation process. You can also manually install new drivers from the manufacturer’s website.

Therefore, as a faster solution, you can download the Windows 11 ISO file and setup it via File Explorer. You can run the exe.

On the other hand, there is another error message like “Ox8COF0830 – ox2W03”. The error message is exactly as follows: “ Ox8COF0830 – ox2W03 failed in the SAFE_OS phase with an error during the INSTALL_UPDATES operation.

Again the source of this problem seems to be related to the drivers and there is no workaround available. If you are experiencing this or a similar Windows 11 upgrade problem, you can use ISO files and upgrade.

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