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Although it was released in 2012, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has still reached tens of thousands of instant players; Especially if you are a publisher or intend to become a publisher. For this, you may need to delete the blood effects seen during the game.

CS: GO, as we all know, is the latest game in the legendary Counter-Strike series. The game was announced on August 12, 2011. Later, it was downloadable for Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows and OS X, and Linux. The game still manages to be talked about with its esports tournaments and a large player base.

CS: GO, which offers many customization options to its players, also allows in-game changes without losing its competitive mode. In this way, each player can play with their own crosshair “target indicator”, their own specific FPS settings and codes. With the CS: GO blood deletion code, you can destroy coatings such as blood on walls and floors, bomb marks, bullet holes. In this way, both your FPS will increase and you will have a more comfortable viewing angle to see your enemies.


How to use the CS: GO blood deletion code?

  • Step # 1: Activate the console;

After opening the CS: GO game, go to Settings,
Activate the console at the bottom of the Game tab,

  • Step # 2: Assign keys to turn on the console;

Again, from the Settings tab, click on UI Keys,
Press the Assign console key button (Toggle Console) from the bottom and assign a key for the console,

  • Step # 3: Open the console and enter the code;

Turn on the console by pressing the key you assigned,

Type bind shift “r_cleardecals” into the console you opened and press Enter.
In CS: GO, these codes are assigned to a key with macro logic. If the CS: GO blood deletion code is assigned to “shift”, every time we press this key we use for slow walking, we command the game to delete such overlays, so the blood almost never appears in the game. This feature allows us not to see the blood coming out of the player we are targeting. In this way, it becomes easier for us to get a cleaner image and aim. The biggest reason sportsmen use this code is that it makes aiming and viewing easier. Below you can find the CS: GO blood deletion code and the steps you need to do to run this code.

Step # 1: Enabling the Console

Activate the command console (Developer Console). Thus, you will have access to the console, which is closed in the default settings.

csgo ayarlar

  • Step # 2: Assign Keys to Turn On the Console
    csgo game settings

csgo oyun ayarları

Press the Assign console key button (Toggle Console) from the bottom and assign a key for the console. This way, you will have access to the developer console and be able to write the codes.

  • Step # 3: Opening the Console and Entering the Code

csgo konsol

After you open the console by pressing the key you assigned, type bind shift “r_cleardecals” and press Enter. This way, when you enter the game, you will be able to delete the surrounding skins by pressing the “shift” key. Below you can find the codes that will make your CS: GO experience better and what they do, apart from the CS: GO blood deletion code.

The codes you can use in CS: GO competitive servers:


  • net_graph 1: One of the most useful codes in the list. It lists the information on your screen, including the FPS, ping and tick value.
  • fps_max 0: This command helps you maximize your frames per second (FPS). It removes the restriction on your FPS and allows your computer to reach its maximum potential. Thanks to the code above, you can go above the 60 FPS barrier instead of being restricted. After typing the command into the console, you will immediately notice the change in your FPS.
  • cl_radar_always_centered: Because the game uses a radar that moves as you move instead of the map; You may be wrong about the location of the red dots you see on the radar. The command above centers the radar for you so the radar does not move with you. If you’ve been playing without the command above until now, it may take time to get used to it. But you will see that playing with fixed radar will benefit you a lot in terms of understanding where your enemies are coming from.
  • cl_use_opens_buy_menu 0: Let’s say the round has just started and your friend throws a gun at you. If you cannot find the weapon when you press the E key to get the weapon on the ground, the game opens the purchase menu for you. When you enter the code above into the console, the “E” key will no longer open the purchasing menu.
  • + cl_show_team_equipment: The code “Show team equipment” shows the weapons and grenades your teammates have above their heads. This way, you can learn about your friends’ equipment even if you are far away. At the same time, when you hear a sound, it ensures that you do not hit your friend by throwing the prefix.
    voice_scale 0.3: Random players can sometimes be too loud if you haven’t entered the game with teammates you know. Turning it down enough to hear your teammates speaking loudly will make you more concentrated on the game. Here you can use the above code for this convenience.
  • novid: Although there is no in-game code, novid is also a very useful code. Using the code above, you can skip watching Valve’s intros that we watched 1000 times.
  • language: You can change the language of your game with the “Language” code. For example, if you want to change the language to English, it will be sufficient to write “language English” on the console.
  • cl_hud_color: You can change the color of your interface with this command. For example, typing “cl_hud_color red” will turn your interface red.
  • cl_lefthand: If you are left-handed, or just want a change, you can start holding the gun in your left hand using the code above. This way, your character and weapon will start to appear on the left of the screen. If you want to undo this code, just type “cl_righthand”.
  • voice_enable 0: If you want to completely mute your teammates, you can use the above code, which is almost as valuable as the CS: GO blood deletion code. That way, you won’t hear any of your teammates.
  • disconnect: With the disconnect code, you will be able to leave the server you are on without pressing anything else. This code is generally useful at the end of a match.
  • quit: You can close the game with this command.

So we have come to the end of our CS: GO blood deletion code guide. See you in our next guide articles!

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