With the iOS 9 update released in 2015, Apple introduced the opportunity to set the 6-digit password used to unlock the iPhone devices. Even if devices are made much more secure with Touch ID and Face ID in the following years, this 6-digit password is still the basis of everything. To change iPhone password and you need to know this password to create a new password.

iPhone password change is a process that you don’t need to repeat often, but if you have been using the same password for a long time, you should mudollarama. If you are thinking about who can do what with my phone, we recommend that you examine your iPhone and remember what data it is hiding. How to change iPhone password

Let’s look at the answer to the question and see what you can do for a more secure device.

How to change iPhone password?

  • Step #1:iPhone Settings

    Open page.

  • Step #2: Touch ID and Password or Face ID and Password

    Open page.

  • Step #3: If prompted, enter your existing password.
  • Step #4: Change Password

    Tap .

  • Step #5:Enter your existing password.
  • Step #6:Enter your new password.
  • Step #7:Confirm the new password.
  • Step #8:Operation done.

Step #1: Open iPhone Settings page:

If you have been using an iPhone for a long time or have used an iPhone before, you already know this step. However To explain for first-time iPhone users, Settings page is the page where you can edit all the settings you can think of on your device. iPhone password change is also done here.

Step #2: Open the Touch ID & Passcode or Face ID and Passcode page:

Depending on the iPhone model you are using Settings

The name of the option you will see on the page Touch ID and Password or Face ID and Password. This even if the option name is different General

You can find it on the same column with the option.

Step #3: Enter your existing password if prompted:

Even if it varies in different models and iOS operating system versions, if Touch ID and Password or Face ID and Password

If you touched option, in terms of device security the system may ask you to enter your existing password.Because with this option, you can change the existing password as well as assign new Face ID and Touch ID. That’s why security is a little tight.

Step #4: Tap Change Password:

Touch ID and Password or Face ID and Password

When you open the page, you will see the password. where you want to usethere will be many different options. You can customize your security settings by reviewing them later. For iPhone password change Change Password

You should tap option.

Step #5: Enter your existing password:

Before you set a new password for yourself with the iPhone password change process, the system will ask you to enter your existing password. Still even if it varies by model and iOS operating system versionsometimes the user may also be prompted to enter their iCloud password.

Step #6: Enter your new password:

At this point, Apple offers the user different password options. The most basic ones are passwords consisting of 4 or 6 digits. Other options are custom alphanumeric code and custom numeric code are the passwords created with.

Don’t even think about it as the 4 digit code offers the lowest level of security. Although the special alphanumeric code and the special numeric code offer much higher security, they can be difficult to remember, do not choose these options if you are not confident. 6-digit code offers both high security is also easy to remember.

Step #7: Confirm the new password:

Whichever password type you set in the previous step, confirm the operation by re-entering your password on the same type in this step. iPhone password change process is completed.You can revert to your old password or set a new password by following these steps again.

Things to consider for a safer iPhone:

Some iPhone users prefer not to use any passcode as the lock screen is much easier to unlock. But now smartphones is so full of personal data It is not right to take such a risk. At the very least, set a mudollarka password, albeit a simple one, to make it a bit more difficult for the person who stole your phone.

All iPhone models currently in use have Touch ID or Face ID encryption. No matter how secure your standard password isyou can maximize device security with this type of personal encryption. After all, no one is going to steal your face or your finger.

4-digit codes are not recommended as they offer much easier combinations to decipher. With custom alphanumeric code and custom numeric code much more complex and strong passwords but it can be much harder to keep in mind. Therefore, there is only one 6-digit password option left. A 6-digit code, each with a different number, is a virtually unbreakable password.

We don’t even think we need to say it anymore, but the password is your date of birth, the conquest of New York, the founding date of , the establishment year of your favorite team

Please do not use and similar known dates. Although it is a little difficult to remember, do not forget to keep ATM passwords and similar passwords separate from each other.

iPhone password change

If we answered the question of how to do and for a much safer iPhone use we talked about the points you need to pay attention to. Just as we lock the door twice when we leave the house, sometimes we need to make our phone a little more secure, which stores much more valuable data than the items in our house.

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