Forest fires, which created heavy balances especially in the Mediterranean, were completely under control recently. With the end of the fire, which left great damage behind, the issue of reforesting the burned areas continues to remain on the agenda. One of the names who expressed his views on this subject, Forest Engineer Cihan Erdönmez happened.

As of today, August 16, Cihan Erdönmez started answering the questions of the authors in Ekşi Sözlük. One of the questions that Erdönmez answered in detail, which is one of the subjects that everyone is most curious about, how to reforest burned areas was required.

“Vegetation in burning forest areas is not human selection, but the result of evolutionary process”

Erdönmez, in his reply on the subject, said that cutting the red glass trees and planting fig trees instead, will not help in making the area a forest again stated that the only thing achieved would be fig orchards. Erdönmez’s statement included the following statements; “Actually, I’ve said a lot about this subject, and I’ll say it here too. For one thing, the vegetation in the burned forest areas is not the result of human selection, but the result of the evolutionary process. As some say, we did not plant the red pine with the help of marshall. According to palynological studies and plant fossil studies, it has been Anatolia for 43 million years.” Ecological conditions are not suitable for one thing.

If you cut red pine and plant figs instead, you need to water it. Then there will be no forest, but a fig garden. It’s not technically possible, if it’s ozedollarse. Cem Seymen tweeted something similar to this, asking why we insist on red pine. Every tree burns, every plant burns. Secondly, then we can say that; With the same logic, there are some predatory animals in the natural forest, these animals have no contribution to eat, and there is a danger of attacking us. Well, then let’s eliminate the predators, let’s release goats into the forest, let’s release sheep. How absurd this is, if it is not ecologically correct; It would not be a right practice to bring figs, almonds and olives instead of red pine, which is nature’s choice. “

“The best way to turn burned forests back into forest is to leave it alone”

As you know, it is a more important issue for now whether to intervene in these regions rather than what to plant in the burning forests. Just like Erdönmez, many experts on this subject argue that burning areas should not be intervened and burning forests should be left alone. In accordance with Article 169 of the Constitution reforestation work is required in these regions.

Erdönmez gave some advice on the subject and expressed his opinion with the following expressions; “As a general principle, the best way to turn America’s burning forests back into forests is to leave them alone. The forests in the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas have the potential to regenerate themselves. Only if there are local areas where the ecosystem does not regenerate itself, human-made seeds will be planted there after 3-5 years. It can be afforested by sprinkling with human influence. But it should be kept free from human influence and it should be ensured that it turns into a tick forest on its own, this is the right way.”

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