Contrary to what is known today IQ tesdollarser, not tesdollarser created to measure IQ! The tesdollarser, created and applied by French psychologists in 1905 under the name “Binet-Simon”, was used to identify children who needed individual help in addition to school. Like many things that change over time, the intended use of this tesdollarserin began to change. The Binet-Simon test, which was reorganized by psychologists and derived new ones, thus became a measure of the intelligence of individuals.

Does the IQ tesdollar series really measure our intelligence level?

Stefan C. Dombrowski, a Rider University Psychologist in New Jersey, said that this tesdollarserin does not have a very bright history; He specifically states that in the past, it was not carried out with objective and valid measurements. Dombrowski, in this tesdollarserine time” breeding work seen as ” eugenics movement what it helps and that many people have been sterilized also adds.

The importance of interpretation in the IQ tesdollar series

Dombrowski, who meticulously tries to make sense of the validity of the IQ tesdollar series using statistical techniques, sees interpretation as the most important condition for the IQ tesdollar series to be valid. Expressing that there are no guarantees in the field of psychology as in medicine, the psychologist said, that existing ethical codes cannot prevent centuries of inappropriate interpretations. believes that the field should develop at this point.

Common mistake in IQ test interpretations

According to Dombrowski, while interpreting the IQ tesdollar series one of the most common mistakes is to consider any result found in the test rather than the general result of the IQ test. is coming. IQ tesdollar series; Although it measures various abilities such as working memory, fluent reasoning, verbal comprehension, Dombrowski explains that science indicates that the IQ tesdollar series is not sufficient to measure each ability separately, and that if an IQ test is to be taken as a basis, it should be considered to measure a person’s general intelligence.

To surrender to IQ tesdollarserine is wrong, questioning is a must

Steven Piantadosi, a cognitive scientist at the University of California, considers it a mistake to surrender unquestioningly to IQ tesdollarserine. Piantadosi, who works on human cognition and language with the method of interpersonal psychology, recently wrote in the tweet series he created on his Twitter account; He stated that he saw it as a responsibility to speak up against fabricated claims about intelligence.

Stating that it is a problem that people’s IQ scores can change according to the situation and chardollars, Piantadosi said: ” IQ tesdollarserine is known to be sensitive to things like motivation and coaching. This means that if you try less, you won’t get a very high score, or if you don’t know the strategies people use during the test, you won’t get as high a score. I think it would be a mistake to judge people’s true ability by how much effort they are willing to put into a test.”.

Reputation has a great impact on the IQ tesdollar series

Another problem with the IQ tesdollar series is hand bias, which is reflected in the nature of the test. Piantadosi and his team mostly Tsimane natives of Bolivia

It works with . The team noticed that most Tsimane did not use tags for shapes. In such a case, the person applying the IQ test should not change the test measurements; It can affect your IQ score.

Piantadosi explains the dilemma created by the Tsimane Indians’ approach to shapes: ” People who do not give names to shapes, when it comes to the task of naming shapes, they do this task differently from us. Just like the Tsimane natives. There are a variety of leaf shapes named by them. We do not know the names of these shapes; but they know.

Tackling bias in the IQ tesdollar series

Stefan C. Dombrowski, all tesdollarser is biased at some point; But he notes that IQ test publishers try to eliminate as much as possible biased individual test questions and questions where statistically a particular ethnic group or race performs poorly.

IQ tesdollarseries disadvantage minority groups

Ohio State University Educational Psychologist Donna Y. Ford disagrees with some scientists and does not find what is being done good enough. Ford: ” IQ tesdollarseries el is linguistically and k highly biased towards minority students, especially Black and Hispanic students..” and adds: ” If they weren’t, we wouldn’t get test scores that vary by ethnicity and race; but we do. This shows that tesdollarserin is the problem, not us.

Research by Ford, along with many other studies, shows that biased IQ tests result in high-potential minority students being excluded from gifted education programs. Ford, who has been working on multi-level gifted education for more than 30 years, Although there are some improvements for Hispanics, the same cannot be said for Black students.

It underlines .

IQ tesdollarseries must continue to exist

Both Dombrowski and Ford favor the continuation of the IQ tesdollar series, though improvements are mudollar. The duo think that IQ tesdollarserin can be useful as part of people’s general abilities. Only the test taker can determine whether Tesdollarserin has been interpreted correctly and used for the benefit of the person being tested. Dombrowski sums it up this way: ” IQ is a tesdollar series tool. This tool; it either promotes the well-being of the person or makes the person miserable.

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