Many smartphone users, after charging their phone; leaves the charger plugged in for later use. You might think there’s nothing wrong with that; because that’s exactly what most of us do. Alright, Does it waste electricity to leave the charger plugged in?Or more precisely how much electricity does it use to leave the charger plugged in?

In this content, we will deal with this issue, which has been discussed for years, in detail, and we will look at the monthly and annual cost of a charger left plugged into the socket in America’s chargers. If you wish, let’s move on to the answer to the curious question without further ado.

Does it waste electricity to leave chargers or other plugs plugged in?

Sockets do not use energy if they are closed; therefore empty sockets do not waste electricity. In other words, turning off the idle sockets with the switch will not contribute to you. However plugged in

as any charger left will continue to use electricity whether or not a device is attached to the tick. Although the amount of electricity consumed here will be calculated in cents, it will shorten the shelf life of your charger. Therefore, it may be the healthiest option to remove the plug from the socket when you are finished.

Now that we have the answer to our first question, we can move on to the second question: How much power does the battery left in the socket use, and should it be unplugged? In order to give a detailed answer to this question, it is necessary to test thousands of different devices on the market one by one. In this content, the standard found in many homes An original 5W iPhone charger

We will go via . However, before moving on to this, it is useful to take a look at the electricity unit prices.

How much is America’s average electricity unit price?

  • America’s average electricity unit price: 0.9156 Dollars/kWh.

America’s power consumption is quoted in kilowatt-hours (kWh or 1,000W), which equates to 3.6 million joules of energy. As of August 2021, the unit price of electricity, including taxes, is for condodollarsars. 0.9156 Dollars/ kWh. Now we can move on to how much electricity an iPhone charger consumes.

How much electricity does it take to leave the charger plugged in, how much does it cost?

  • An iPhone charger left in the outlet uses 135W of power per month (1.6 kWh per year).

According to tesdollarser, an original Apple iPhone charger (5W) per month 135W uses power, which per year 1.6 kWh means a little over consumption. In terms of cost, an iPhone charger left plugged in will cost you about a month. 12 cents, annual cost is approx. to 1.5 Dollars is coming.

Yep, the cost is pretty low, and it doesn’t make much sense to unplug chargers to save money. But how many chargers here plugged in and it is of great importance that you leave it running 24/7. In addition, don’t forget to take into account dozens of other electronic products that are left plugged in alongside chargers.

As a result, if you’re going to act with the sole intention of saving money, leaving your plugs plugged into the outlet won’t cost you much. However, if you are someone who believes in global energy saving and has grasped this awareness, imagine the energy consumed by hundreds of millions of chargers left plugged in in millions of households and its effects on the world. As an additional information, the approximate emissions of each kilowatt-hour to the atmosphere 0.45 kg carbon dioxide

Let’s also mention that it means .

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